Wednesday, April 23, 2008

back soon

sorry for the absence but for those who don't already know my life has pretty much been looking like this for a while

yup I have been pretty darn ill! In so much pain I could barely stand, and generally just yuk.
Didn't help that I was misdiagnosed twice, once at the doctors, and once at the hospital :( So by the time I was correctly diagnosed (minus a fair thwack of the ole red stuff too) and they realised it was an infection it had really set in and I was in agony. I often think Amy was plonked in my life for a reason, and yet again my theory worked out. She arrived (flowers in hand) on a really awful day when I had been sobbing in pain all bloody day- she spoke to the nurse at my surgery when I couldn't talk through the tears, and got me seen again immediately, this time with the right diagnosis! Love that girly (thanks darling, you always get me fixed!)
So I am now feeling a lot better than I was *crosses fingers* but get so tired really easily, I must listen to my body more, and stop at the right time rather than pushing myself and being absolutely wiped out as a result.
Got a date for scans to be done at the hospital to confirm if it was my gallbladder that was infected, and then back to docs again to decide whether I am to be operated on. *lallalaaaalalaa* not thinking about that now!

Good news (Ali you listening?!) Amelia finally walked last Tuesday! she wobbled a couple of steps in the kitchen while I was making a cup of tea- she was heading for the pantry! After that she was up to 15 steps in no time at all!
Will try to get some pics of her tomorrow, managed to catch loads on camcorder too *yay*

I am slowly trying to tackle the tip that is my scrap studio too- everything is being hauled out and resorted, will get pics when I finally finish- it will be slow going (so I don't knacker myself again lol) but I will get there and finally conquer the organisational hell!

Love and hugs x