Friday, October 24, 2008

back again

hokey cokey and all that!

As briefly as I can...
Victoria was discharged from hospital, I don't think she should have been but who am I to a consultant other than a concerned Auntie!?
Sure enough not long after she was admitted to Gloucester again. Now, this was all quite amusing in a sadistic kinda way!
SIL rang my Mum to say V was having probs, pains in her chest and trouble breathing properly, and whilst on the phone to her my Mum fell down the stairs. Carried on chatting, decided V needed to go to A&E but SIL would call one of the consultants ahead, who arranged the paed consultant to come in to meet us there.
Now, a week before this I started having back pains. More about that in a mo...
So, Mum's foot/ankle was black immediately, and very swollen, so I took charge and decided that she needed to be seen too.
So, SIL picks us up en route, we all bundle into the car and arrive at the hospital. Picture the scene, there is Mum hopping towards a&e, V who can't walk properly at all, but rather than wait for me to go ahead and get a wheelchair SIL decides a piggyback would be quicker. I can't lift her cos my back is hurting, she is 11 and nearly as tall as me (I am 5'10") so SIL has to do it, but can't lift her. We got there in the end!
So, into A&E, booked in, get V into one bay, and get Mum triaged.
V, although in great spirits overall was very teary, and all she could do was reach her arms out to me for a cuddle through the tears- it broke my heart :(
So with wheelchaired Mum, I trot of to xray to get her sorted, apparently no break (I am still not convinced though)
Back to V's bay, and she was so upset love her. The consultant thinks it is Guillan Barre syndrome (hmmm that sounds familiar lol) that makes 5 consultants out of 6 who think it is GBS so why won't they diagnose it as that?
Mum and SIL go off to check an appt that V was meant to have the next day, and the ward sister arrives with pain relief for her. And as usual I am left holding the baby so to speak. Morphine, UP THE NOSE! She was so so good bless her, having to snort half a syringe of liquid is not an easy task!
Shortly after she was on cloud cuckoo land and kept telling me how much she loved me BLESS! SO funny, and so nice to see her out of pain :) She is home again, has her own wheelchair as she just can't manage without one, and is doing two hours at school.

So, last week, after two weeks of back pain and no sleep I went to see the man who is now often referred to as 'THE GOD'.
Mark Lester, my oh so wonderful chiropracter.
Love this man.
I had loss of grip in my right hand too- mobile phone into a mug of tea, mug of tea slipped straight through my hands, and my fingers do this weird juddering thing and I can't close my fingers.
Sure enough I have trapped nerve/s in my back. He got all my muscles relaxed, cracked my spine back to the place it was meant to be, and a good session of accupuncture (so relaxing- odd but true, it was lovely).
By Sunday I wanted to marry the man!
I am so much better, still a bit sore, but getting there. Off again today for another session with the God!

Hence my absence! *takes a breath* Ohhhhhhhhh and also I have my pre op on Tuesday, and surgery at the beginning of November.

So onto a few crafty chic makes...
Made this for Halloween with a 60p broom from asda. The rest was totally made by me, I cut the wood, painted did the glittery lettering etc



I also made the following, which are for sale, gimme a holler if you wanna bag one (or more!) before they get chucked on ebay.

Christmas countdown blackboard. £5 plus p&p, comes with chalk attached already and I can move the chalk for a leftie or righty to make writing easier. (don't panic by the way, it isn't 34 days till crimbo, just a random number lol)


Pearl and crystal hanger, £6 plus p&p


Rosehip and eucalyptus (grown by moi) heart hanger, with a walnut stained gingham tie. (I can change the tie to green or blue if requested) there are two sizes of these small £3 plus p&p or large £4 plus p&p. The leaves are fresh at the moment, but will dry out lovely, plus the rosehips are already dried, so this will last and last :)

If anyone wants more pics, or sizes etc just shout, and I will sort that for you :) Most items are on rusty wire, and may have sharp edges of wire (although I try to cover them as best I can) so please hang them out of the reach of kiddos and pets :)