Monday, September 06, 2010

For Lemon x

Here you go hunny (click for full size)

And for everyone else, I am fairly AWOL at the mo, got a poorly Ruby chook again (more injections, groan), she has a large mass in her abdomen, we think (and pray) it is an abcess so fingers crossed we can get it sorted asap. She has put a lot of weight on since the last vet visit: about 450gm, so we think the mass is fairly large.
Next week I go off on my training course, lots more study to follow, and then I will be a fully qualified animal healing practioner *grin* I can't wait. Plus I am off on a lecture with Margrit Coates which should be fabulous and I am hugely lucky to get this amazing chance as she lectures all over the world!
TTFN xxxx