Monday, February 16, 2009


well I made it...just!
so, my birthday was...interesting!
There was sooooo much snow! Like, heaps of it. (just like the day I was born!)

I had a nice day all in all, I didn't open anything until the evening as I just couldn't face it! More on that in a mo...

Had a gorgeous lunch at hotel du vin, I don't have the photos of that yet as numpty here didn't take her camera, so they are all on Mum's.
Indulged in pimms, the best chips in the world (seriously, if you ever go to hotel du vin you must sample their fat cut chips...yummers) and as I was in full blown wrinkle meltdown I...erm...might have gone a bit mad in espa (downstairs in the hotel)£270 mad! *blushes*
It comes in such a pretty bag though!

On the subject of bags...some of my gorgeous pressies...
I had one of these; from one of my most favourite shops in the whole wide world (bless you Amy for driving all the way to Chipping in the piles of snow to get me this *mwah*)

Also had one of these...LOVE this!

and one of these (thanks Chris)
and one of these (thanks Chris again!)
and the msot of these...
containing one of these (and yes, it is very real!)
as well as loads of other gorgeous gifts, cards, texts, messages, emails, phonecalls and visits. Thank you all for making my day of horror far more bearable, and actually something I could enjoy :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

back again...

I know my posting is somewhat erratic (or non-existent for the most part) just now...well I am in a bit of a meltdown. This Thursday sees me turn 29 years and 12 months old. I am NOT going to say that number beginning with 'T'...nuh-uh.
Once it is done with I will be fine (I hope) and I pray it is an anti-climax and I shall not awake on Thursday with grey hair, wrinkles that you could make trenches from and breasts swinging round my knees.
I don't know why, but for years I have been terrified about hitting this milestone. If the snow stays as it is, then I am off for lunch to my favourite hotel du vin, in fact, even if it reaches three feet I am STILL off to hotel du vin (in my bimbo boots, I can stab the stiletto heels into the ground so I don't slip), and I shall be stocking up on my favest espa products (divine, love their stuff) and a new range of Jessica nail polishes.
And for someone who rarely drinks, I shall be sampling rather a lot of pimms, maybe if I get trollied I shall forget the milestone-that-shall-remain-unsaid is actually upon me.
Don't get me wrong, I am ever grateful that I am still here, and relatively healthy (not that I have felt healthy for a while) and that for the most part my family and friends are still with me.

Anyhoodle, woke up today to a nice little (compared to other parts of the country) sprinkling of snow, and it has been coming down thick and fast ever since, with big fluffy flakes, rather than the icing sugar that was falling last night and earlier on today.



I hope you are all grabbing the opportunity to get out with the kids and making snowmen, snow angels and having big snowball fights and getting a bit of sledding time in.
Of course, as usual the UK has pretty much come to a standstill lol, we are useless when the white stuff falls!
Stay safe everyone, and enjoy it x