Saturday, December 30, 2006

MIA for a bit- back soon

Having a bit of a lousy time at the mo...will try and blog if I can- got crimbly pics etc to upload. On top of everything I've had lots of weird symptoms (hey what's new lol), followed by a huge blister on my face that is so painful it is waking me up- turns out it could be shingles, particularly with the other symptoms I have,and being so close to my eye I may need to go and see an opthalmist. niece was diagnosed with it tonight (been with her all over the festive period) and nephew had it a few weeks ago. I guess my immunity is so low as I am still fighting off this virus that laid my poor Mum up in hosp. You try getting into the docs on a bank hol weekend though! If it gets any worse I will go to the hospital for their emergency clinic (although last time I went they admitted me- that is so not happening again) and see if I am not to late for some treatment
Hope you all had a fab crimbo and wishing you a great new year :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

what a whirlwind!

Yes- my life that is!
The biggest news is that Amelia made her grand entrance to the world last Friday. Exactly one week late and once she decided it was time to come she didn't hang about!
Amy rang around lunchtime to say she was having little pains, more than braxton hicks, but not full blown contractions, since the morning. They went for a walk on the hills, came back, and they got stronger and closer together. So she came round...had several contractions in my kitchen, hall and driveway, and left for the hospital at about 1.30...Amelia was born at 3.09! Nice work kid! She is an absolute stunner, and I love her so very much already! She is a little minxster though- me thinks she may be trouble! Jasmine stayed at mine for the weekend to give Amy a bit of time to get used to the new arrival without a very highly strung 6 year old about, so J and I had a girlie sleepover night- popcorn, crisps, sweets etc and a dvd in bed. Followed by two birthday parties the next day. She was a flippin angel, for saying I have never ever seen her that excited in her life, and she was here two nights- a total darling!
Amelia was weighed on Thursday and is still 8lb which was her birth weight, so that is FAB news! Feeding well, awake a LOT but oh so gorgeous!

J's first cuddle with her new baby sister-
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Fairly sorted for christmas now, busy day tomorrow, loads of visitors due, and people round for dinner. Cemetary to visit, pressies to deliver- but at least the majority of the wrapping is done!
Have a fab crimbo one and all :D

Sunday, December 10, 2006

back again!

Another manic week at chez rena!
I have been to swindon, worcester, hospital (with Amy- can you believe that baby is STILL in there!), and oh so many other places this week!
Lots of crimbly shopping done- lots still to do!
Finally fathomed what OH wants tho- it seems that this is the 'in toy' for the over 30 man this year with another one winging its way to a friend's boyf!

Yes it is.......


I swear to god ladies, if you have a 30-something husband/boyf he will adore this! I casually mentioned to Mart that this had been relaunched and he was beside himself! It is a totally 100% replica of the original 70's version, made by the same moulds they used the first time round...complete wih super turbo launcher *read wind up handle* which Mart was far too excited about than is normal ;)

Got my cards made tonight- shadowy scans but you get the idea!
Had the house all to myself, so I had a nice long bath, got into my PJ's and set about the card making task in hand...

Sunday, November 26, 2006


where has the last 10 days gone?!
I have been bad at blogging again- so shoot me! That life thing has totally gotten in the way lately!
Lots going on- not all to be shared publicly!
Mart and I are just great, I think I have fallen in love with him all over again- I swear he is hormonal but there ya go! So am I, so that makes us equal lol!
Amy is less than two weeks away from her due date- she had pre-eclampsia with J, and when I went to pick J up from school on wednesday we arrived at the docs to meet her and midwife was coming back out the next day as A's BP had shot up- not good! She ended up being tied up elsewhere so A had to go into the hosp to get it checked- it was up and down and all over the shop- so they did bloods and it seems ok for now. Midwife came back out saturday and BP was still the same, and she is coming back again tomorrow to check it. It is getting so close, and I am way too excited. J and I are very close, and she will be staying with me while A is in hospital, and perhaps a little longer depending on how things go. This is gonna be one hugely adored baby! In some ways I will miss me and Amy having our girly Wednesday's! Since J has been at school full time, Wednesday is generally he day that is 'me and Amy time'. Nothing exciting, just girly chatting, shopping, drinking coffee, whatever, but our time! I will miss that :)

Managing to get quite a few pressies sorted for that big day in December- plus about 372 birthdays before then! Still really stuck on a few!

Am teaching my photo candle class at the weekend, really looking forward to seeing what the girls come up with, and I am gonna make a batch up for presents I think.
Got some more mag work which is fantastic, so working on that this week too. Also had a great proposition from a UK company which was way too good to be refused- I love this company, the people who run it and their products- what more could I want?!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nec jollies...

Well the nec has been and gone, and I had a blast! So many people to talk to- friends old and new! Big kisses to Ginger, Paul, Orlando, Claire, Lyn and the woman who kept losing her pants! Plus all the other lovely peeps I gassed with! It was way too busy- they seriously need to consider splitting it into more halls- lets face it, they charge oodles for the stands, about a tenner for each person to get in, plus seven quid to park. It's not like they can't afford it. Particularly when lots of the other halls are empty at the time of the show. Did a fair bit of shopping, but hardly anything off my list! Still- it means I can order stuff online, people are wanting christmas pressies to buy me too so shoptastic fun ahoy!
Talking of Christmas- this tree was superb! It stood as tall as the nec hall, and was entirely knitted! How cool is that!?
As usual I stayed until kicking out time- though I didn't need to claim I was staff this time to get away with it lol!
Can't wait for the next one!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

pics n stuff

First off- Mel- Amy and I were plotting on how to steal your daughter yesterday (I had bought the bump a pumpkin costume for next year so I showed her the pics of izzy- and we need her) and then we read your comment here about the fireworks pic! Well we nearly died laughing- and I have to tell you why- all throughout the display A and I were discussing the 'sperm' fireworks- we have named them all and picked their qualities- including the 'pissed sperm' (pic to follow) and the 'super 'ard I can get through any contraceptive sperm'! Thanks for a huge laugh!

pics from the weekend-

Some of the band- I went with an open mind, (actually I lie- I went thinking they would be crap) but was actually pleasantly surprised! pics are terribly out of focus-no tripod-lots of lights- night time-fast movement-but ho hum!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And onto fireworks- shame it got so smokey and for saying the camera was handheld I am quite chuffed!

Super 'ard sperm firework-
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and finally- pissed sperm firework:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

almost human...

Feeling better today- well, not been sick, managing to eat a bit and feel less wiped out. Except I couldn't get to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription yesterday for fear of barfing in town, so Mum went for me today in her lunch break love her- problem is by this morning my blood pressure was seriously low so I spent all day feeling rather grot still. Took a trek to the postbox and felt a bit better (not been out the house since saturday!) all drugged up now and feeling nearly human again!
Hoping to go to the stables as normal tomorrow- will see how I go!
Anyway just a quickie tonight-
I have to tell you that Land of a thousand words is being released as a single on December the 4th and you MUST GO BUY IT! It is a truly beautiful song, and I seriously hoped this would be the next scissor sisters single- even though they don't seem to do as well in the charts with the more ballad like songs. It is very 'James Bond', and when you see the video- well- James Bond eat yer heart out- it is superb and Jake Shears is looking mighty fine! Ana is looking super slinky too!
You can see it here if you want (and you should!)
There are a lot of theories flying around concerning the single covers- there are appearing to be links from the IDFLD video- my bets are on kiss you off for the next one (after LOATW) another fabulous song (ok I love them all)!
***edit* all my faves rolled into one- found this- I am, as you know by now, a huge SS fan, but I am also a huge Rocky fan too (and I mean horror show not stallone!) check THIS out- sheer genius- this is one of my favest SS tracks.***

Oh and Rood issues- you plus cherubs would be very welcome here next Halloween!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


am poorly with this flippin bug AGAIN!

After a fab night out I decided to go home early- just as well cos I then spent all night blowing chunks! So no Bonfire party for me this eve- think I need quaratining!

Will update with pics when I feel a bit better (I am getting there-just eaten for the first time- so we will see!) but here is one to whet your appetite

Love this pic!

Friday, November 03, 2006

ok I know!

I said I would blog wednesday night but I was just too darn tired by the time I got home! Then yesterday- I dunno what happened- but seemed to be running about a lot not getting very much achieve

So- Halloween!

Another fab halloween this year- somewhere in the region of 90-100 trick or treaters (seriously) we had made up 40+ treat packages (see pic in a sec) and we made more and more and more on the night cos we kept running out!

I didn't really dress up as such, but did make a bit of an effort- spider tattoo on my face, star tattoos on my collar bone, long black dress, and black top with bat like sleeves! Oh and my light up ghost necklace and spider ring!

So I got the pumpkin carved the day before-

It was flippin hard work- and took about 3.5 hours! But worth it I think!

This was the whopper before- by my standard kettle for size ref!

And this is all the insides!

I was very good- and made two huge batches of pumpkin soup (which was seriously yummy) and roasted all the seeds in butter and salt for guests to nibble on.

Oh and of course we had this too:

A real success! These are the treat packs we made up- all wrapped in Halloween tissue, tied with ribbon with a ring attached- we figured this way it stopped any greedy grabbing hands- they get one each and that's it!

Me and my lil witchypoo

and some of the decs from outside the house (we had more novelty things inside- and I have bought more since!)- except all the balloons had been given to the kids by this stage and the garlands and signs taken down!

And one more (out of focus) pic for good measure- our treat bowl- it grabs your hand and says random messages!
This bowl worked seriously hard!

Really busy couple of weeks now! Will be a better blogger though (how many times have I said that lol)!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Missing my Grandad

Two years today since he was so suddenly taken from us.
I miss you Pa so very much
God bless -x-

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the annual pilgrimage... the pumpkin farm happened yesterday. Spoke to Amy in the morning and as rain was forecast all week, and yesterday was looking ok we decided to brave it!
Seriously image intense blog entry!
Another fabulous magical day was spent at the farm, we didn't leave til about 5pm!
So pics-

It appears J and I are now the designated chicken catchers- naughty wee buggers were all escaping from their part of the field, there is a gap in the hedge that (although I don't think they would go through) leads to the road, and it is a busy one!

Sooo- J is my herder...

and I catch them...

smitten with this one- she was a real cutie...led down and put her head feathers up for a tickle! Bless!

So, round one of animals done- off for the magical trailer ride to the pumpkin patch...J chose her pumpkin, and they hunted under the pumpkins for fairy hands- if they find one they get a shiny 50p piece- lucky kids eh?! Of course every single child found a fairy hand, well whaddya know- how lucky was that ;)

Back to the farm and more playing along the pumpkin trail, this years theme was Matt Macdonalds farm, and all the animals, in true Over farm tradition, were made from produce grown on the farm- way too many pics to put up here, but this one is cute- taken inside the house made of pumpkins, of J feeding the horse peeping through the window...

Then round two of the animals- I got bitten by a baby vietnamese pot bellied pig- charming! Rafiki the water buffalo was not feeling very sociable, so no pics of his this year, but on top form as usual- the donkeys were happy, sociable, and as mad as ever

We all came home filthy and totally exhausted- I mean that much proper fresh air is enough to knock anyone out, but totally happy having had a wonderful day filled with magic!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Guess where I am?

Patterned paper heaven! That's where!

Thak you Paula for all these wonderful goodies (there was way more than this!)
Loads of my fave papers, urban lily, mambi, chatterbox, making memories, kelli pannaci- so much stuff- and I feel terribly guilty about just how much it cost to post these 90+ papers and other goodies!
Thank you so much- LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

all in the name of science...

So I've been a bad blogger AGAIN! Partly because I haven't felt like I had much to share, and partly because I just couldn't be arsed!
However- I've made an extra special effort today for the 'BIG BLOG' details here if you wanna do it properly
So nothing exciting- just a bog standard whitter of a post today- but all in the name of science. or should that be history?!

So my day thus far;
Fed animals, well cat and parrot anyway cos chilla gets fed at night. Drank coffee. surfed on forums. and been cracking on with my album from emily's class t'other week. waiting for gesso to dry at the mo so thought i would do a quick blog entry now. Oh and done some pottering in the garden- picked some more tomatoes- there are still more waiting to ripen too- shows how mild it must be still!

Mart came over yesterday and I think we have sorted a LOT of stuff out. I wouldn't let him come round before because he had upset me. turns out he never had the op (not sure if i mentioned all that palava on here- if not then ignore this bit lol) and couldn't understand why i had been so off with him *duh* anyway things are all good for the moment, so gonna see how things go for now.

Oh major excitement- I won not only the AMM tote prize at scrapstars (so chuffed with that!) BUT I also won Paulas challenges too! Thanks peeps!

signing off for now- I've done my bit! Gonna find a random pic to leave you with!
Oh I know- check this out- found this stunner in a garden centre on the way back from stonehouse, and I want to buy it- a mere £300! Love it though- it is all games themed, there are dice strung into the necklcae, playing cards stuffed down the top of the corset- just LUSHNESS!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

it's been

a doodly kinda week!
Had a mad dash on to get a photo candle made up for someone ready for a wedding tomorrow. I made it with about a minute to spare- phew-and they were over the moon with it. I normally make them over about a week, allowing plenty of time for each stage, I had one morning to get this one done!
As a result, I have been asked to teach this on a forum, sadly the method I use is far too complicated to try and teach online, so I have worked out a much simpler process, and will provide a kit for those who wish to take the class. So while I was at it, I showed them to a friend, and have now been asked to teach *in real life* at a day of classes later in the year- sadly I don't think it will be possible, as it is just too far- still looking into it though, so as a compromise I have said the class can be taught by somebody else, and I will make the kits and instructions up. So flattered to be asked though :)
So, back to the doodly-ness! After feeling all fired up after the classes I took last weekend, I needed to get painty inky and messy, so put one of the pages I was taught last week by emily into a scrapbook layout (not the actual page just a duplicate). While I was feeling so arty still I decided to add more doodles to any random layout/card/desk I found along the way!
So here are the last layouts from Paulas challenges, had great fun doing these thank you Paula, and I can't find one of them online so can't have actually uploaded it *duh* so there are three to come in one go!

Five things that make you angry: or in my case, things that make you go grrrrr!
1- two faced-ness
2- lies
3- animal cruelty
4- british weather- I mean come on make your mind up which season you are in and stick to it!
5- whinging for no reason

Five words to describe myself:
1- creative
2- loving
3- messy
4- friendly
5- loyal
Bonus 'me' points for using my notch and die tool *yay me*

ok blogger will totally not let me upload the last one so will go upload to photobucket.....tum ti tum..... and as soon as I threaten that it uploads as if by magic!

This is the one I did after emilys class and I LOVE IT- not the kind of thing I normally do but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.
Rather than just doing my fave 5 things, I did that which are:
1- family
2- simba
3- love
4- scrapbooking
5- pets
but then went around the heart, starting at the top centre part of the heart and added loads more fave things
went wild with the photos and sanded like mad, then doodled on and around the photos- love it!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a day!

So, yesterday was the most wonderful workshops with the lovely Kirsty and Emily
What an absolute blast! I finally fell into abed about 2am, after still being on a high from the day (or was it all that cake?!) and woke up to a huge thunderstorm!
Well- I am so fired up with arty fuel right now, I am just itching to get my books decorated from the classes. It was so relaxed, and friendly Kirsty was great, a fab fun class with lots of different things you may not think to use to make an album, Emily was fab too, you can't help but warm to her immediately, I was so relaxed in her company- she is a true star, you can't not like Emily!
Me and the gorgeous emily:

Emilys daughter Ivy is just the most adorable little bare foot princess ever! She even gave my freestyle book a touch of her creativeness:
That'll be worth a fortune in a few years!

Then there were my gorgeous pals- KT- who is just wonderful, Jo- who I wanted to pack in the boot of the car and take her home (see you soon doll!) Beth who was just a lovely peach! And everyone else- mwah mwah mwah Utterly fab day- will get the rest of the pics up in a slideshow asap
I so wish I had taken more photos- I want copies of everyones please!
Also wish I had more time to speak to everyone properly!
Still- FAB day!

Monday, September 25, 2006

You're it...

I have been tagged by the oh so lovely Paula

The rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.
I am tagging (sorry if you've already been tagged!) TraceyT Shirleen Jakey Betharoo and jo of the rude issues
Oh by the way it seems I can't comment on a lot of blogs at the mo- I know before it was a pc issue this end, but I think this time it is just those who have gone beta- so I am still reading all your blogs :)

1- I have double jointed fingers, but not thumbs, I have double jointed toes, but not my big toes! The way they bend is actually rather gross!
2- I am an insomniac, yet could happily sleep all day at the drop of a hat (but I don't) come bed time I am wide awake again!
3- My eyes change colour in the winter/summer
4- My cat is trained to place her paw on you gently when she wants fuss- this was in retaliation to her constantly headbutting everyone for affection!
5- My ears are pierced 5 times in total- twice in one ear, three times in the other, yet I never wear earrings (well very rarely) but I always have a nose stud in!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

sharing the craze....

It has been rumoured that Ta dah will be at number one by tomorrows chart ;)
So, as I am listening to this album non stop right now, I need to share the craze that is sweeping my life right now...I present Simba, and Cracker..honorary scissor sisters...(if you are gonna play these vids, scroll right to the bottom of the page and stop the other video first- or you get two playing both at the same time lol)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

as promised...

layout two- this is the one where I decided to run with the bizarre photo! Lots of doodlyness, lots of fancy pants paper and ribbon...actually quite like it- a bit different for me!

some other stuff- a bottlecap bracelet featuring all those glam starlets...the colour ran a bit, but I quite like it (its pink lol)

and a birdhouse- I bought this when Boo Angela and Katrina came down for the day (we missed you jobean!) this was a poundland buy!


does it all go wrong when i need to scrap! Short and sweet- second of two layouts I did, the other won't scan properly so will photograph tomorrow.
So- first of all the printer decides to start chucking everything out in some weird turquoise colour, so I went with it for one layout, and managed to do this one with black ink (eventually) had totally run out of oomph by this layout! Tinted the pics with pens, and tried to use up some older stash! Everything went a bit wrong while scrapping, I ran out of stuff, ruined stuff, spilled a pot of manky water with gesso in it all over my desk- and then just lobbed stuff on the page and gave up! As a result I don't like this layout- but that isn't what matters- at least the journaling is done, and it can go into an album with my other top 5 pages!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Bad bad blogger! Been a funny ole week or so- busy too! Not gonna post much now, cos it isn't important, hope to get some scrapping done tomorrow, haven't scrapped for a couple of weeks!

Sending all my love to Anna and her family, after the sudden passing of her beloved Dad-whom Anna adored so very very much.
Love you darling -x-

Monday, September 04, 2006

just a quick upload

Week three of Paula's challenges. Five things you want to achieve- and *shock horror* no photo on the layout!
Bit of a bizarre mix of stuff- but just went with it!

Thursday, August 31, 2006


This is why I hate wing clipping so much :(
Poor wee guy

Poor lil Tiny Tim

Spent hours yesterday getting a family friend over to the avian vets I use for Simba. They have recently bought a green cheek conure, and he was quite severely clipped on one wing- something I am dead against, I hate clipping full stop. So poor lil chap lost all his balance and fell from the cage :( He saw a local vet who gave him anti inflams, and wanted to see him again, but when our friend rang them, the surgery just couldn't be bothered. So off we trotted yesterday to great western referrals in swindon- I won't see anyone else for Simba. Poor Tiny Tim has a broken leg :( and looking at the xrays is is quite a big fracture too. As he is so little they don't want to do surgery, as his bones are so small and somewhat hollow, they are worried they will do more damage, so they kept him in last night and are splinting him up this morning- hopefully this afternoon we are picking him up. Then back over next week to see if he is starting to heal *fingers crossed* and he should be fully healed in 2-3 weeks. If not they will have to look at placing just one pin in his leg rather than the 4 or 5 they would normally do. The main thing in his favour is he is only 5 months old and younger birds heal faster. Poor wee chap- and he is still hopping about on one leg! So- avoid clipping!

Other news- how would like your pics to look like the ones you see on all these wonderful photography blogs? Well you now can and for a very very very reasonable price- and the bonus is that all the money goes to a very good cause-and towards helping somebody a lot of us know, through a very difficult time :)
Check it out here It is being done by our very own very talented Anita Mundt :) Wishing you all the best with it hun :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Got a nice big fat mandate voucher in the post yesterday to get my floor sorted, over £300-floortastic!

Finally managed to get a few bits of stash out today-I kid you not, it was blimmin hard work moving boxes out of the way just to reach a piece of paper!- the situation was desperate though- I HAD TO SCRAP!

Anyway, I had decided to play along with Paula's challenges for a couple of reasons:
1. They are quick fun and easy
2. They are useful- I needed to crack on with some BOM work so this is a good way to go
3. All the journaling is sorted for you
4. It is something I can do regularly, and should end up with a nice wee album!

So here is week one- top 5 tunes: (click images for larger pic)

Week two- 5 things that make me laugh

Thursday, August 24, 2006

phase one...

Inspector has just been out to assess the floor damage. I am getting brand spanking new floors, trims, door bars and fitting :) We had a nightmare fitting it when I originally put it down- I thought I could do it myself but I was so wrong and ended up having it fitted! So at least I don't have to worry about that again. The inspector was lovely- didn't even bother looking at the old flooring, he was quite happy that I wasn't trying to pull a fast one- we never claim on the insurance, and the damage to the rest of the room was obvious. He has checked the quarry tiles in the utility room for me, and they are fine, no water underneath thank god- that would be a big job! So off to sort stinky flooring out to go to the tip- hurrah!

Water is back on and sorted, the culprit was some pillock doing work on the main road in a digger, and he dug through the water main- nice work dipstick! lol! I'm clean! YAY!

So all in all we appear to have, in Shell's words, 'the right amount of water' now!

Gonna add a random pic- cos I can't find where the camera leads are packed away (am back on my own pc now thank god) ohh I know I'll find my pics of cotswold farm park- goats fighting- so proud of those- right place right time and all! It was play fighting though!

Lots of special hugs n love for Beth today. I am thinking of you darling, I know today will be really tough for you -x-

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

it never rains....

no, really!
So after not being able tog et rid of all the bloody water on friday- today we had no water! *snigger*
Yes unbelievably no water all day! Talk about irony at it's best! Decided this morning not to have a shower when I got up as I was sorting through my stinky soggy stash today to see what can be salvaged, so figured I would have a shower when I finished. Popped upstairs for a wee in between sorting- turned tap ont o wash my hands, and, well nothing! Not a drop!
Phoned the wter company and they have just got back to us, they have found the problem (someone has gone right the way through the water mains) and are sorting it out now. At last! I can now have a shower, and get rid of the swarm of flies following me about lol!
I found the whole thing highly amusing!

Postie came today with a very special parcel for me. From a very special friend. It brought tears to my eyes, it really did. I am so blessed to have a friend like this, who has ALWAYS been there whenever I need her, no matter what she has going on in her own life (she is about as lucky as I am!) yet she always finds the time. She is the most thoughtful, kind, wonderful person, and I am hugely thankful for her, not just because of what she has done today- but just for being her. She was the first person on the moby the other day when we flooded. I love you sooo much Beffaroo -x-

Anyhoodle- me and the flies are off again! ;) ttfn from the soggy bloggy!

Oh and as a ps- those who were asking about the candles- I am not ignoring you lol. Depending on how the studio rebuild gets on/whether I can work around it, I should be teaching an online class on how to make photo candles-it will be september/october time. Will post more details when I know what is happening.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Ok no pics today- am on the laptop upstairs. For those who I haven't already whinged at- we got rather flooded on Friday. The house itself isn't too bad but the outbuildings were hit badly. I was sat working in my scraproom, when I noticed a little puddle (it wasn't me honest!) so I went to get a mop. By the time I had stood up and walked all of three paces it was like a mini tidal wave! It tore through the garage, through my scraproom and into the utility room. Typically my scraproom was the worst hit- sods law I guess. I had no time to rescue anything it all happened so fast. Managed to whip the extension leads out of the way, and rip the plugs out of the wall but they still got wet, luckily the sockets are up high so my pc, craft robo, stereo, tv etc should all be ok *crosses everything*
Lots of ruined stash :( And ruined units too I suspect. The amount of silt that got flung through was incredible, so this weekend I have moved as much stuff out as I can, been instructed by the insurance co to rip all the flooring out- that was hard work, but being sodden it was easier to get up than it was to get down! Was told saturday morning they would have humidifiers out within 24 hours- still waiting! Bit like the council sending someone out right away at 2pm friday with sandbags- still waiting! Luckily the drain company had come out to check all the road drains, and the nice chaps went to the yard and brought some out for us.
Lovely guy opposite has been a bit of a knight in shining armour- he came over to make sure I was ok. But he couldn't get through the water at first- it was sat at the front of the house at over 3 foot! I had the carriers ready to get simba and jess out, but luckily just as it was coming through the door the rain stopped, so they were ok, and just a minor bit of damage to the hallway. This guy has been fab- he came to check up on saturday before he went on holiday, and has offered any help I need. our house was the worst hit, but fingers crossed it should all be sorted by the insurance co. We never claim but there is no way I can afford to replace it all. The floor was that bad that when you walked on it, where it was buckled, you got little fountains between the boards of wood!
The main thing is Simba and Jess are ok- the rest is replaceable- apart from my best of british winning layouts which are trashed- still not the end of the world!

I have been tagged too- but will do that later sometime. MAJOR hugs and kisses to my pad girlies who have been INCREDIBLE. They have listened to me whine, whinge, rant and sob. And have been there with hugs, and amazing advice. I lubs you girls! Also major huggage to all at bbc and uks who have also been just as fantastic- lub you all too -x- Oh and of course to Pete-lubs you too -x-

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

let's try again...

been trying to update for the last coupla days and blogger has not been playing nicely!

So, the christening is done and dusted, woke up (far too early) to a very grey looking day. Got myself ready, it started raining, but that eased off thank goodness. However my lovely summery outfit I bought ages ago for this one day had to be covered with a cardigan! grr! It was that cold that after the christening I was actually shivering and my teeth a-chattering! In August!
The service was long- nearly two hours as it was part of a family service. Jasmine was rather bored...

LOL! Bless her she was an angel. The church were very relaxed about kids, as I think most are now, J found a book called 'what happens when I die' we ended up sitting and reading that, I would normally pre-read a book like this to myself before reading it to a child but this situation didn't allow for that! lol! Thankfully it was ok. There was a little creche area for the kids too, normally in the summer months the church actually put on an organised creche, but this was fine, they had toys and books and the kids were happy.
The girls were angels, cait was not impressed with the whole 'water on the head' issue! Cue pet lip and the threat of tears! She was fine though after...

so service done and we head back off to a freezing garden for the bbq and bouncy castle! Great fun, the kids (and grown ups) had a wonderful time! I think there would have been a lot of moaning had it not been for that bouncy castle!

So all in all, the weather was horrid but could have been far worse- at least it stayed dry, and the service etc went without a hitch, and I now have two more god-daughters!

Oh and other news, most of you know I am petrified of the dentist- to the point that I got kicked out of my last one, but I do like the security of having a dentist- well as we know nhs dentists are rarer then hens teeth, but I have managed to get in one today, have an appt in October and am crapping myself already! Any tips greatfully received!