Thursday, June 29, 2006

shoot me down...

go on, I deserve it after publicly resolving to update more!
Sooo- busy coupla weeks. I have done a piece of work for scrapbook inspirations magazine, on a short deadline too- so that had to take priority, and was on it's way by saturday! I seem to work well under pressure though lol! Also got a gorgeous message from Mandy about doing something for CS mag too! *big smiles all round* I lubs Mandy and am really looking forward to this one!

Couple of pics from yesterday- met up with somebody who I haven't seen for the longest time too- thought it would be weird but strangely- it was fine!

Jasmine had her first ever fall yesterday! She was trying jumping out- did her first proper jump on her own (she has only done it by being led over before) but on the second attempt she broke into a canter over the jump and flew round Daisy's neck a la Tarzan stylee by the reins, and this is where she landed lol!

And this is my lil peach, Caitlin bless her. In the kitchen all togged up in an apron and marigolds. The task in hand? 'I cookin a cake'! Love her!

Also I need to 'big up' this compo.

The lovely Sue has set a challenge over at the lounge. Simply show her how you have used angel kisses, and you could win a prize of yet more angel kisses! Now come on- you ALL need these in your stash!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tis done!

Got my tattoo done 2 hours ago- and man alive I freakin love it!
I can't stop looking at it!

So first off a huge shout out and massive thanks to Rhonna Farrer for the designs...much love to ya doll (love the new hair too!) will email the pics over to you :)

kk- first pic- the outside of my foot

and a close up- it is still quite grubby because the ink ran through the lines of my foot, this will clean up when I have a shower so it will look a lot tidier

Love it love it love it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

*T* day....

*T* is for...tomorrow, Thursday....and TATTOO!
Yes, as of tomorrow I will be sporting a new tattoo on my foot. I am way too excited about this-much as I know it will be agony! BUT- I have to do it. I have one small tattoo of a star-on my arm, and there were many reasons behind the design and actually having it done. So tattoo two...not telling ya what it is! *pokes tongue out*
You will have to wait and see! I can say I am very grateful to a very special lady, and will post my eternal gratitude to her when it stops stinging lol!

So busy week again- and I know I have been terrible at blogging again- I warned you from day one this would happen lol!

Had Molly, Caitlin and baby Willow for the day last those gals sooo much!
This is Molly-who has got sooo pretty. The older she gets the prettier she becomes- and I know she will be a real heartbreaker. Mind you the has the diva attitude too- always has had, and is the biggest drama queen you will ever meet. Cait is picking it up now too- after a lovely day playing in Amy's garden, picnic lunch, and park we took the girls to pizza hut for tea. Left Caits pizza to cool a bit, and she crossed her arms, pouted like a goodun, slammed her arms down and wailed 'it's not fair'! Just like her sister does!
To look at Molly you honestly would think butter wouldn't melt!

Cait and Willow's christening is booked for August bank hols, and we are having a grown ups bouncy castle for the day- wooohaaa! Plus of course- I will officially be their Godmother now *beams*

Lots of other stuff been going on...fell in lust with another man at the weekend too- shame he lives abroad lol! Mart- if you happen to be reading this- firstly- congrats for finding the addy bar and typing in it- and secondly yes I still love ya to bits I aint leaving ya just yet *mwahahaha* love ya bubs -x-

Best of british prize part one arrived yesterday- it is lucky I still like the older studio k stuff. I think I was quite lucky with my prize, some of the stuff is truly awful (the 12x12 paper- wtf is that all about then fellow BoBs?!) but at least I can use most of it in some way- even if it is just for atcs. I'm not ungrateful- honest, the whole thing has just left a bit of a bitter taste.

Sooo will update again real soon! HONEST!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Charm tutorial

Just a short one for our toothfairy ;)

A note about jumprings- when you open them you should do it sideways, pushing/pulling it apart, not stretching it out as this will weaken the ring. Look at this pic to see how it should look when open.

OK let's go! To make a simple charm:
Take an eyepin (you can use a headpin too but won't be able to add a 'dangler' on the end) and thread your beads on. Using pliers make a loop on the end to stop the beads falling off.

Attach a jumpring to your dangling charm, and add to one end of the eyepin. Add another jumpring on the opposite end, and attach the the lariat.

To make 'jumbly' charms!
Thread heapins with beads, and make a loop in the end of the pin as before.

Cut a small length of chain, and attach headpins with jumprings.

Keep going until you are happy with the design, then attach to the lariat.