Monday, July 06, 2009


Ohhhher manic manic manic!
Mum's 60th birthday, been and gone was a massive success, we had a wonderful time :) (Drew, I haven't forgotten about getting the pics up for you hun, just haven't had time)

Girls are all doing well, Lola is getting stronger and starting to grow new feathers in, Tilly is a feathered beauty now too, when I look back at the pics of when I brought her home, all bald and bedraggled, the change is amazing! Ruby still hasn't grown her feathered knickers, but she is getting there!

ATF went live last night, animal cards this time, here are mine

The next theme is a corker too, can't wait :)

Last week was mental, Amy was moving house, so I have been over there packing, helping move, and unpacking! Bless her, she is 8.5 months pregnant, and has handled it all so amazingly well!

Of course, barely a day goes by without some mention of the death of Michael Jackson, I can't quite believe it to be honest, I just wish they would all let him RIP now.

Off to do some more work in the garden, I am building a run for the girls, and last week was far too hot to do anything, so now it has cooled off a bit I need to get going! This will be a true test of my DIY skills (or lack of)! ;)

Take care x