Wednesday, July 23, 2008

just a quickie... mark the occasion.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy who is 7 today :D

My life just wouldn't be the same without him, and every single day I count the blessings that this lil guy brings to my life.

Love you Bubby x

ATF went live last night with the latest theme, confessions/naughty little secrets, here is my layout about Simba's lollipop love!
I should point out that this is a very rare treat. When Simba was a lil baby Mart would sometimes come home eating a lollipop, and him and Simba would share it. As Simba hadn't had one for a looooong time, he had some of this one as a little treat a few weeks back. He has a little lick of it, then I crunch most of it off and leave a little bit on the stick for him to hold and eat himself, and when he is done he likes to shred the paper stick! love him!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Howdy! So- what's been happening in my little world? Well- the pond is doing fabulously, as are all the plants. Strawberries in abundance, annnnd I have little tiny mangetout growing :D

I spotted some *weirds* in the pond the other day, having no idea what they were I had to go on a trawl of t'internet. They are tiddly lil things, that seem to be mostly in the ridge at the top of the pond in the shallower water- they have what looks like three tails, are bloody fast, and seem to change colour slightly to camouflage. Turns out- they are damselfly nymphs! So all that naughty action with the damselflies that I posted pics of a while ago has come to fruition I guess! Baby fish are growing well, I didn't see them for a few days but spotted them on Monday :) One is a real porker!

Crafty stuff- after lots of manic deadlines, I can add some pics now. I am going to try and add as many pics as I can to my blog- after a worrying thought with all the rain we are having.
My scraproom was badly flooded the year before last, and the really upsetting thing was that all of my Best of British winning entry layouts were totally trashed :( If by some chance it were to happen again, and perhaps my hard drives went too, I would have no record of my work, and would find it difficult to recreate some of them if needs be. So I am going to try to get most layouts uploaded on here for that reason.

MTML guest design spot:

little bird house (this makes me happy!)

Flips open at the top, under the flower panel
double flap card




love this one- he is such a darling!

and my other lil cutie

ATF Theme this week was 'Nemesis' as set by Lori I thought it might be a bit tricky to do a layout of Simba with this- but once I thought about it, it was really very easy!

Had a horrid appt yesterday, spent the whole day with butterflies in my tummy but after it was done I treated myself to new shoes (£4.50) in asda sale- amazing how something can make you feel so much better!

Got my consultants appt at the hospital in Sept, should be interesting- this will be the decider- will they/won't they operate. On one hand I don't ever want to have to go through all the pain of an infected gallbladder again, but on the other hand, it may never happen again anyway! Guess my fate is in the hands of the consultant now!

Had the virgin media engineer out this morning to sort out my internet probs- got a new modem (at last) and he disconnected some old connections so it should run faster now *fingers are crossed*