Saturday, July 17, 2010

The time thief

has been on the prowl again. I swear I do not know where it vanishes to!
Quick post,
Chooks are beautiful as ever, after some real hiccups with their health, having to learn how to inject them *eek*, and a bit of time we are somewhere near sorted! I hope *crosses everything*
I have had so much going on it is has been a total whirlwind! Sean's 50th, and the cake I made to surprise him with when he came back off his hols with Mum

Amy's birthday (this one and Nan's was a recipe I made up! Chocolate and almond madeira, filled and coated with white chocolate ganache, then sugarpasted - it was delish)

Nan's birthday
 (I really should have taken pics before I transported it ina taxi!)

and Mum's birthday, but she didn't want an iced creation...oh no, she wanted my lemon drizzle cake. I tweaked the recipe a bit and OMG it was the best cake I have ever tasted, let alone made *polishes halo*

This month sees a gajillion birthdays too, but I don't have to make the cakes! Just as well as I am really hectic at the mo!

Poor Amelia has chicken pox, it is even inside her eyelids poor little mite. She has only just got over her op, she had her adenoids and tonsils removed in the hopes that is will cure her obstructive sleep apnea.
I had to come off my steroid spray as it supresses your immune system, as I had been in contact with her at the most infectious time, it made me appreciate how much of a difference they make to me!

Last but not least a pollycrafts creation for Flash your Freebies

I used some glossy accents on his eyes which you can't see in the pic, and on the centre of the flowers. Promarkers, prima flowers, little clear dewdrop thingamies, a studio g stamp, ikea paper string, and I made the pin by taking off the original tip, and adding glass pearls and a crystal bead to match in with the basic grey paper.