Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Laydees wot lunch...

Well, what a fantabulous day! Did lunch with these beautiful ladies today- Boo, Angela and Katrina. We went to wetherspoons for some fabulous food (and puds!) managed to waffle four hours away, and then did a bit of shopping too! The day flew past way too quickly, and I hated saying goodbye :( But, we will do it again soon laydees! Had an absolute blast-laughter, great company, shopping and good food-brillo pads!
Lubs ya laydees! (and Boo I am so stealing your soup dragon next time I see ya!)

Friday, March 24, 2006

My love affair with a certain BoB!

OK so we are now officially allowed to talk about it! I was very priveledged to be named as one of the winners of Best of British scrapbooking and cardmaking :) To say I was chuffed to little mintballs doesn't even begin to explain my excitement. I entered the advanced scrapping category, and am still somewhat stunned that I was picked as a winner. Mart made me promise that I would enter, so I did! Congratulations to all of the other winners too, especially to Anna, Jaq, Anam and Karen. Good on ya gals! What was quite amusing, is that I marked it on the calender (see pic above) in my excitement...and now I'm getting comments about whether I am having an affair with somebody called Bob! Even my niece asked me!

I seem to be losing my battle with scrapbooking this week, I think it is just the frame of mind that I am in. So to combat this I have been doing very fast and simple layouts. And dya know what? I feel sooo much better for it! It really is art for art's sake, but it is working. Who said you have to spend hours on one layout? Well they were wrong with a capital wuh!

This picture has already been scrapped. So there are no 'heritage' reasons for it to be done again. It really is art for art's sake...as was the work jasmine was doing when I took the pic. I think that sometimes it's great to make something 'just because'.
I did have fun doing this layout...and chose the colours mainly because I wanted to use the gingham brad in the middle of the flower! I made that myself! Well not the actual brad, but I covered it with gingham fabric and I love it!

Next week sees the NEC opening its doors to mad crafters again, and I shall be among them! Really looking forward to it this year, Ali and Paul will be there with clevercuts for the first time-so excited for them! I am soooo buying urban couture. I have resisted for so long for financial reasons, so I swear if nobody has it at the nec, heads will roll!

See ya the morrow!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ok-so todays mission is a little bit of market research for Kirsty! (see her blog for details on the eyelash disaster lol)
This is what I use, photos don't show it up too well but I promise this stuff works.
The product:

Image hosting by Photobucket

The eyelashes before mascara (I know they are fairly long already I promise there is nothing on them)

Image hosting by Photobucket

And the other eye, with mascara on: bear in mind this photo is zoomed out a bit compared to the other pic-

Image hosting by Photobucket

Dontcha just love the camera lens (and my hands) reflection in my eyes!!
Might update again later...but for now-take care blogettes...I am off to scrap!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I bruise easily...

...so be gentle when you handle me!
To be fair the nurse in question was fab and very gentle. The last blood test I had killed so this was a relief today! So, off I go to the doctors, expecting one vial of blood to be taken...that's ok I thought...I'll get the three taken I need for breast cancer research at the same time(will enlighten you on that in a mo). How wrong was I?! SIX BOTTLES OF BLOOD! That is what she sucked out of my arm! Six flippin bottles! All through the biggest needle I have ever seen! It was fine though, and I am not even aching from it. I normally bruise terribly, but not too bad...so far!
Anyway-my main point- take yourself off to this site if you haven't already http://www.breakthroughgenerations.org.uk/ and SIGN UP! You don't have to do the blood tests if you don't want to, but of course it is far more beneficial to them if you can :) This is the biggest study of its kind, using everyday, normal (I use that term loosely!) women over 18. All you have to do is fill in the questionairre, and send the blood off if you can which you have done at your gp's surgery. All the envelopes you need are included, all prepaid, kit to take to your gp's surgery for blood tests, everything. They will contact you every few years to record any changes, and that is it. This brings us ever closer to finding that all important cure for one of the biggest killers of beautiful women everywhere. Big snogs to all of you that take the time to do this :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The new me perhaps?

And all for a bargainous price! It is amazing how a few little things can make you feel heaps better in yourself! Now in true mastercard style:

Contact lenses: £30

New haircut: £7

Super lengthening mascara: £8

Teeth whitening: £15

The yummiest lipgloss in the world: £4

A bit of sunshine in a bottle: £6

Feeling like a 'normal' woman....you know the way this bit goes! ;)

Docs was ok yesterday, ruled one possibility out, and off for more tests tomorrow. Sure it will be fine :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Just a quick one ;)

Manic day again today, mobile phone lariats arrived along with some gorgeous beads :) Ooooh I was in my element! Took Jess to the vets for her booster jabs, and she was a perfect angel as usual...and again got a perfect bill of health :)
Simba wouldn't come out of his cage tonight, most bizarre...until I realised that it was because he could see the pet carrier in the hall...moved it out of his sight and he came straight out...funny boy must have thought he was off to the vets too!
Have my doctors appointment tomorrow (for those of you who know the situation), still not worried but a little bit anxious now...will not worry until I know what I am dealing with as there is no point wasting my little bit of energy on worrying!
Hairdresser was ill yesterday, so after my doc appt she is coming round to chop my locks, then I need to be brave and get my head shots sorted out for the show in olympia 2! I hate being the 'wrong' side of the camera!
Hope you are all well and happy...really pleased to see how Kirstys challenge has swept t'internet!
TTFN ~x~

Sunday, March 12, 2006

honest guv...it IS creative genius!

If only I could genuinely make that claim! I spent a frantic morning yesterday trying to pack parcels to go off to the post office, since it is a trip I can only make once a week as they closed all the local post offices down. This is the resulting mess! Well partly...it is other stuff too that was littered about the house and thrown back in here. So that is my main task for this afternoon...I neeeed space! Wondering where my hairdresser is too...think she has forgotten our appointment, and my hair is in desperate need of about 10 inches lopping off!

I know I didn't post my little announcement, but not entirely sure how much I am allowed to say yet. Suffice to say I had some VERY exciting news on Friday, and you may call me BoB! *snigger*
Many congrats to the others that had the same fabulous news too.
Also I should hopefully have a step by step project in crafts beautiful magazine in Junes (on sale May) issue. Nowt too huge, I think it is going into a little book that comes with the mag.
It's all go at the moment!
Hope you are all well
TTFN ~x~

Friday, March 10, 2006

Thursday, March 09, 2006

OH YES! I scrapped!

And got mucky with paint! (face in pic blurred on purpose it's not like it on the real pic lol).

The flowers and stems mimic Shelbys top (which you can't see from this pic) and I chucked some swirls and dots in for good measure ;)

Manic day yesterday so my creative time I had planned didn't happen! So today I have scrapped! Need to tidy up big time...my studio looks like a mammoth paper bomb has gone off!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Is what I am! Absolutely cream crackered! In other words, I am pooped...but that woulda been a whole different pic for today! ;)
Had a horrendously manic couple of days, 7am starts, 4 hours sleep...blisters, aching muscles and bones, the list goes on!
So tomorrow is 'me time' I need to do mundane housey things, and hope to scrap! Managed to bag a bargain of a printer on ebay, I have been without a printer since about last October, and I can cope no more! Am totally skint now, but hey ho! Not too long til payday. Hopefully along with my printer, I am hoping my mojo may find its way back home! The ideas are there, but by the time I get the pics sent off, printed and returned I have lost all the inspiration I had!
About to retire to my boudoir, so just a quick entry on my blog today! Shirl my love, you need a fuji...my photography has improved big time since I got mine, and the quality is second to none in my opinion. And that goes for every fuji camera I have ever owned!
TTFN blogettes ~x~

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Two lips...

Nothing particularly exciting to share! So thought I would add a pic of my beautiful tulips I had bought for me.
Done major amounts of shopping this weekend, not spent much though! Been working on a little project for www.bumblebeecrafts.co.uk today, nearly finished it too!
Got a seriously hectic start to the week...gotta be up at stupid o'clock tomorrow, and Tuesday!
Might even attempt to get a layout done tonight! Need to make some jewellery up too when I get a free day!
Hope you are all well -x-

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bottlecap pendants

As promised, here is the pic of the pendants I made. I chose to put these ones onto a card, as they are for Ali, using {again} the fabulous foiled again range from clevercut.
Rather than threading a chain/thong/whatever through the jump rings, I popped some organza through and mounted them on delicious basic grey.

Other news~ we have had an out of court offer from the council, I don't want to accept it as I feel like I am partially putting a sum on my Grandad. We shall see.

I have finally fathomed out brushes today, and after a chat with Anna last night....well lets just say that I have lost most of today faffing with all things swirly, pretty and grungy!

Signing off as I can't be arsed to type anymore {getting lost in footballers wives lol}
ttfn blogettes -x-