Sunday, June 24, 2007


That describes the last two weeks for me pretty much!
The story:
Two years ago we went to a local home and garden show and spotted this somehow we ended up buying one with the whirlpool/jaccuzi function for our tiny bathroom. Measured up, yup the smaller size would fit, got a good deal on it, weren't ready to have it put in but that was fine, as long as we took delivery within a year. So, last September we finally had it delivered.
It has since been stored here- half of it in the conservatory and half of it in the garage (it is HUGE).
The plumbers were finally ready to fit it the week before last.

So off we go, new toilet and sink, no probs.
They fit the base of the bath, but can't get the side panels up the stairs.

So on Tuesday morning (bearing in mind we are running off a temp water supply at this point for over a week) we have to pay a glazier to take my bedroom window out and put the panel through. Result!
The plumbers come out to fit it, and are expecting the other workmen to have attached it to the bath base ready to plumb in.


We go to bring the other panel up (are you still with me?) and


So, Wednesday morning I have to have the window out AGAIN! Argh!

More probs along the way but finally the spaceship is in! We had 6 blokes in our tiny bathroom Friday night trying to get it together- thats two plumbers, two electricians and two oddjob men.

And it is F A B!

I think I may live in there forever!
I actually think there is a button on the control panel to transport you to another dimension!

Totally PMSL at the last warning on this label (sorry its a tad blurry)

But we have a leak on the hardboard floor base! PMSL! Why can't anything be straight forward!?

Had a little bit of much needed playtime this morning, so decided to play along with the digi dares.

Here is mine- Simba is so funny with this and the tone of voice he uses- he quite often says- 'hello bubby' or 'are you alright bubby' lol. love that lil guy :D (click for larger image)
Credits: Gina Caberra delightful kit, and Kate Pertiet kraft paper
A True Friend went live with the latest challenge on Tuesday- I won't add the pics again here as there are so many. We have some great plans in store for the blog, Laurie and I have been in cahoots for a while now ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

faaaaabulous day :D

So the 80th birthday bash was a roaring success :)
We started the day (at daft o'clock), went over to Nan's and restyled her hair in a similar style to the way the hairdresser did it- of course after 10 mins in the car with windows open it was all over the shop!

Off to Tonyrefail in Wales. This was where my Nan was born and raised. We went to the exact house, which has just been sold so had newspaper in the windows, therefore couldn't see a whole lot.

I have never heard my Nan talk so much! In a good way tho- this place is called this, we used to go here, I used to do this, I used to slide down that massive hill on a piece of!

We had a little walk about, much reminiscing, and Nan decided she would like to go to the local cemetary to her parents grave but was very concerned that she had no flowers to take, BINGO there is always a somerfield close by lol- so we grabbed some flowers and off we went...
had to take a pic of this

Then off to the hotel for lunch, Nan had no idea, and walked straight past her surprise guests lol!

Amazing food and service

Gorgeous surroundings

The birthday gal

Then for some reason my brother decided we needed to go for a walk on Aber-something beach, beautiful clean sands and gorgeous warm water...

so Nan hoiked her skirt up and waded into the water in her tights! LOL!

My poor Mum got dragged into the water fully clothed by Victoria and then had to sit her sodden clothes all the way home!

Oh and of course, no trip to Wales (even tho it was mostly 28 degrees) is complete without some of this...

All in all a wonderful day to remember, a full memory card, and lots of tired people!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

challenge four

Hoping t'interweb holds out for this post- it's been a right arse lately!

Challenge four is up at A True Friend and this one is all about the little details- yanow those little things about your pets that you just can't get enough of??

Simba's toes are a firm fave of mine, they are sooo cute! Ok probably not to anyone else but I simply adore them!

bazzill, studio g stamps (God I love these and so need the new releases like erm yesterday?), stazon, ki memories paper, imagination project papers, oooooodles of buttons (each one hand sewn and doodled on some), american crafts stickers, mm rub ons, various pens

Other news- erm- well mostly I have been preparing for my Nan's 80th this weekend, she would not want a party so we have decided to take her to the house she was born in (in Tonyrefail, Wales) then off for a posh lunch in wales with just close family. Of course that was just the easy bit, it's getting everything bought and ordered. I mean what do you buy for someone who doesn't need or want anything? So I have bought her a plot of land in Scotland which then legally entitles her to use the title of 'Lady', some coins from the year she was born, a planter, chocs, and have booked for a hairdresser to go round to her house to cut and style her hair for her- she had her styled last summer and she looked so fabulous that she really shone!
grrrr lost the rest of the post- but suffice to say that the cake is ordered, printed ribbon on its way, balloons to pick up, posh gift bags bought, table decs (in best possible taste of course) all ready to go- just hope we haven't forgotten anything! Just hope she feels really spesh :)
ttfn -x-