Monday, February 27, 2006

Of all the pretty things...

I love flowers. I have been missing my Grandad terribly this week, and decided to pay a visit to the cemetary to take him some flowers and oodles of bird feeders around his grave. He used to feed the birds in the garden every single day, and loved to sit an watch them, so I always make sure the birds are well fed for him and he has a bird bath on his grave.

Slightly manic day today. Had a serious case of the 'can't be bothereds' this morning, tidied up and that was about it. Chris brought the girls round this afternoon. Willow is now 6 months old already, Cait is just a dream of child, a hyper dream, but an absolute peach! Poor Molly walked in sporting her best pet lip, poor mite had been sick in the night, slept til gone 10am, stayed off playgroup, and seemed much better. She went really downhill though this afternoon. Raging temperature, looked like a zombie, and violently shaking (not convulsing just shaking). Then her lips turned blue, so I checked her hands and her little fingernails were turning blue as well. Nurofen made no difference, so I packed her off to the docs this evening. Poor mite :( She looked so rotten and sorry for herself.

So, all my plans for today totally went out of the window...maybe tomorrow will be a slightly more productive day!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Everybody's changing...

and I don't feel the same! Thought I would quickly change the music for this song...Keane rock!
*tummm teee tummm lalalalalala oooooh*
Oh and main pc is up and running again (had to buy a new wireless system) so should be updating more reglar now!

Friday, February 24, 2006

A heart bursting with love and sadness

I had resisted the urge to post this for long enough. I just wanted to extend my love and sadness to poor Lemon and her daughter on the tragic, sudden loss of Andrew. Lemon darling should you ever read this, you need to know just how much you are loved. Our hearts are aching for you, and we all love you very dearly.
Also my thoughts and love are going out to 'E' (not adding full name in case she doesn't want it to be public knowledge) on the very sad loss of her father.
My deepest sympathies to you all, and a heartful of love to help you through your grief -x-

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Foiled again

Been playing with the new range from for the last couple of days. What can I say? Wow! These are so easy to use, and shiny shiny spesh! An absolute bargain at 89p for three whole sheets of lovely images. Have i sold you on them yet? Anyway one of the projects I did was an art journal. Somewhere to record inspiring quotes and techniques etc...and an outlet to release the arty farty part of me. So here is a sneak peek..Ali, it will be winging its way to you soon!
Image hosting by Photobucket

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ali stinks, Paul is childish and Levi is a monster!

Of course none of the above is true but Paul said he would be checking to see if I had written the just to please him I have!
I know it has been, like, forever since I updated so prepare for a mahoosive entry! I finally managed to get a pic onto this bliddy laptop, I couldn't have blogged without it!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Isn't he a peach?!
So, Ali, Paul and Levi came down wednesday to do cheltenham craft show...Levi stayed with me, and we had a ball..I am still recovering! We wore eachother out, but it was all good fun and now I really miss him!
Thursday I met up with Angela (Newgranma on uks) who is an absolute diamond, can't wait to meet her again...what a love she is. We spent ages gossiping and got hardly any shopping done!
Stopped off for my gossip fix with Orlando, and spent the rest of the show gassing with Ali and Paul.
Friday, out for dinner with Ali and Paul who both totally spoiled me and a wonderful evening was had...even though the restaurant had run out of scampi which had been mine and Alis choice!
Saturday-in a word- MANIC!
Victoria came round in the morning to make invitations and centrepiece for her Brownie 'hostess badge'. We walked Levi together, she and Levi played in the garden for ages!
Then the afternoon quickly arrived and a mad dash to get ready for the afternoon excitement!
Went with Amy and Jasmine to see snow white on ice. WOW! If you get the chance to go, I totally recommend it. It is like ballet on ice with a story and bubbles, and contortionists, and live doves released into the audience with lots of funky amazing ice skating moves thrown in for good measure...oh and some pyrotechnics too! It is produced by a russian company, and a lot of the skaters are olympic medal winners too. So fabulous moves, and a great day had by all. However if you do go...a word to the wise...don't sit too close to the stage...some poor old woman in front of us got smacked in the head with a shard of ice that came flying off someones skate! I pissed myself laughing (so cruel, I know but she laughed too!)
Saturday evening, Levi went home, and the house felt totally empty.
Sunday spent recovering and shopping, and yesterday and today I have done some tidying, and whipping up some projects using the new 'Foiled again' by
Hope you are all well -x-

Monday, February 06, 2006

Thanking you!

Well here I am, another year older. Please- let it stop now!
Just a quick update to thank you all for my wonderful cards and pressies.
I didn't peek until yesterday I pwomise!
I was bowled over by all the gorgeous cards and gifts I received, absolutely scrummerlish!

Best of British entry has been emailed in, and I am cackin my pants now! I don't know why! And now the wait. Til around the 15th of March til we find out who will be crowned the winner!
Good luck all, I know lots of fab ladies have entered.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Get that girl an ambulance lol!

Ok so it's not quite that drastic! No ambulance was required but almost needed a couple of stitches! I just had to tempt fate didn't I?!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Simba and I had a little collision...and I came off far worse! So just to remind you of the damage parrots can do (altered to black and white for those queasy blogettes!) and a moral for you...don't try and look up a parrots nose when he has just woken up! There was a reason for me looking up his nose...I think he had an allergic reaction to something! He was not impressed!
The blood was running down my face and wouldn't stop...poor Simba didn't know what was going on! Managed to get it to stop by holding the egdes together...eventually! Jeez parrot motherhood is tough going at times

Now, I am thinking a lot about sense of community today after a phonecall from my to see her in a bit. After the incident with the trees, the support she got was fabulous. A gentleman who used to visit my Grandad a lot heard what happened, and came to see her. He is arranging some blokes to come and take the trees out on Tuesday, and they will take all the rubbish away, and the local priest said they can put it in the church skip. My Nan has nothing to do with the church (it is catholic-she isn't), but they is a social club attached to it, and my Grandad used to spend a lot of time there. Also another lady came round and cleaned up most of the mess for my Nan.
Apparently a house by the church was 'done' as well. Same thing, two lads, set fire to the trees, except they had a fence too and the fence is now gone.
The council have been most unhelpful. They just keep passing us round to different departments. Thank God for community spirit! Although when the priest said that if he had a gun and saw the lads that were doing it he would shoot them! :0

Well, another year older tomorrow...I don't like it! A nice quiet day (I hope) trying not to think about how fast the years are going now!
Happy birthday (for tomorrow) to the wonderful Izzy who shares her birthday with me :)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What time does the ambulance arrive?

Cos that is all I need to complete the set!
Last night we had a frantic phonecall...
my Nan had someone ringing the doorbell about 8pm last night, and won't answer the door after someone entering her home and stealing a handbag a couple of months ago. She called out 'who is it', at which point the letterbox opened and a bloke shouted through, your trees are on fire I have called the fire brigade! I think my Nan got in a bit of a tizz, cos she wouldn't open the door, and wouldn't go and look out of the window either...she has been really knocked for six after a long painful bout of pleurisy. So she rang here. Mum went up there (i was out for the evening oblivious to this at first) to see the fire engines leaving. Two nasty little scrotes (police term here for naughty boys, particularly teenagers!) had entered her garden, and purposely set fire to the tree like things (big leylandi type efforts)which are practically touching the house. This bloke had seen them, and called 999, so they legged it. They did a real good job of it too. My poor Nan, she so doesn't need this right now. After looking after my Grandad, then suddenly losing him (totally unexpected) then getting a long spell of shingles, chest infections, nasty heart probs, leading to being in hospital with it and being diagnosed with bad angina and then pleurisy, then being burgled...this just takes the piss. All this in just over a year. :(
On top of all Grandmother (paternal) is in hospital with something nasty that I can't remember the name of, no point me going in cos she doesn't even know who I am...I saw her in sainsburys after christmas and she looked at me and sailed straight past. My Dad has had a nasty accident and is receiving treatment everyday, don't see my Dad at all, but do feel sorry for him.
Then at 8.30 this morning I get the police knocking on the door! Totally unrelated to any of this, but got everything sorted (nd no I haven't been bad lol).
So...ambulance anyone?!