Monday, October 30, 2006

Missing my Grandad

Two years today since he was so suddenly taken from us.
I miss you Pa so very much
God bless -x-

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the annual pilgrimage... the pumpkin farm happened yesterday. Spoke to Amy in the morning and as rain was forecast all week, and yesterday was looking ok we decided to brave it!
Seriously image intense blog entry!
Another fabulous magical day was spent at the farm, we didn't leave til about 5pm!
So pics-

It appears J and I are now the designated chicken catchers- naughty wee buggers were all escaping from their part of the field, there is a gap in the hedge that (although I don't think they would go through) leads to the road, and it is a busy one!

Sooo- J is my herder...

and I catch them...

smitten with this one- she was a real cutie...led down and put her head feathers up for a tickle! Bless!

So, round one of animals done- off for the magical trailer ride to the pumpkin patch...J chose her pumpkin, and they hunted under the pumpkins for fairy hands- if they find one they get a shiny 50p piece- lucky kids eh?! Of course every single child found a fairy hand, well whaddya know- how lucky was that ;)

Back to the farm and more playing along the pumpkin trail, this years theme was Matt Macdonalds farm, and all the animals, in true Over farm tradition, were made from produce grown on the farm- way too many pics to put up here, but this one is cute- taken inside the house made of pumpkins, of J feeding the horse peeping through the window...

Then round two of the animals- I got bitten by a baby vietnamese pot bellied pig- charming! Rafiki the water buffalo was not feeling very sociable, so no pics of his this year, but on top form as usual- the donkeys were happy, sociable, and as mad as ever

We all came home filthy and totally exhausted- I mean that much proper fresh air is enough to knock anyone out, but totally happy having had a wonderful day filled with magic!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Guess where I am?

Patterned paper heaven! That's where!

Thak you Paula for all these wonderful goodies (there was way more than this!)
Loads of my fave papers, urban lily, mambi, chatterbox, making memories, kelli pannaci- so much stuff- and I feel terribly guilty about just how much it cost to post these 90+ papers and other goodies!
Thank you so much- LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

all in the name of science...

So I've been a bad blogger AGAIN! Partly because I haven't felt like I had much to share, and partly because I just couldn't be arsed!
However- I've made an extra special effort today for the 'BIG BLOG' details here if you wanna do it properly
So nothing exciting- just a bog standard whitter of a post today- but all in the name of science. or should that be history?!

So my day thus far;
Fed animals, well cat and parrot anyway cos chilla gets fed at night. Drank coffee. surfed on forums. and been cracking on with my album from emily's class t'other week. waiting for gesso to dry at the mo so thought i would do a quick blog entry now. Oh and done some pottering in the garden- picked some more tomatoes- there are still more waiting to ripen too- shows how mild it must be still!

Mart came over yesterday and I think we have sorted a LOT of stuff out. I wouldn't let him come round before because he had upset me. turns out he never had the op (not sure if i mentioned all that palava on here- if not then ignore this bit lol) and couldn't understand why i had been so off with him *duh* anyway things are all good for the moment, so gonna see how things go for now.

Oh major excitement- I won not only the AMM tote prize at scrapstars (so chuffed with that!) BUT I also won Paulas challenges too! Thanks peeps!

signing off for now- I've done my bit! Gonna find a random pic to leave you with!
Oh I know- check this out- found this stunner in a garden centre on the way back from stonehouse, and I want to buy it- a mere £300! Love it though- it is all games themed, there are dice strung into the necklcae, playing cards stuffed down the top of the corset- just LUSHNESS!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

it's been

a doodly kinda week!
Had a mad dash on to get a photo candle made up for someone ready for a wedding tomorrow. I made it with about a minute to spare- phew-and they were over the moon with it. I normally make them over about a week, allowing plenty of time for each stage, I had one morning to get this one done!
As a result, I have been asked to teach this on a forum, sadly the method I use is far too complicated to try and teach online, so I have worked out a much simpler process, and will provide a kit for those who wish to take the class. So while I was at it, I showed them to a friend, and have now been asked to teach *in real life* at a day of classes later in the year- sadly I don't think it will be possible, as it is just too far- still looking into it though, so as a compromise I have said the class can be taught by somebody else, and I will make the kits and instructions up. So flattered to be asked though :)
So, back to the doodly-ness! After feeling all fired up after the classes I took last weekend, I needed to get painty inky and messy, so put one of the pages I was taught last week by emily into a scrapbook layout (not the actual page just a duplicate). While I was feeling so arty still I decided to add more doodles to any random layout/card/desk I found along the way!
So here are the last layouts from Paulas challenges, had great fun doing these thank you Paula, and I can't find one of them online so can't have actually uploaded it *duh* so there are three to come in one go!

Five things that make you angry: or in my case, things that make you go grrrrr!
1- two faced-ness
2- lies
3- animal cruelty
4- british weather- I mean come on make your mind up which season you are in and stick to it!
5- whinging for no reason

Five words to describe myself:
1- creative
2- loving
3- messy
4- friendly
5- loyal
Bonus 'me' points for using my notch and die tool *yay me*

ok blogger will totally not let me upload the last one so will go upload to photobucket.....tum ti tum..... and as soon as I threaten that it uploads as if by magic!

This is the one I did after emilys class and I LOVE IT- not the kind of thing I normally do but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.
Rather than just doing my fave 5 things, I did that which are:
1- family
2- simba
3- love
4- scrapbooking
5- pets
but then went around the heart, starting at the top centre part of the heart and added loads more fave things
went wild with the photos and sanded like mad, then doodled on and around the photos- love it!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What a day!

So, yesterday was the most wonderful workshops with the lovely Kirsty and Emily
What an absolute blast! I finally fell into abed about 2am, after still being on a high from the day (or was it all that cake?!) and woke up to a huge thunderstorm!
Well- I am so fired up with arty fuel right now, I am just itching to get my books decorated from the classes. It was so relaxed, and friendly Kirsty was great, a fab fun class with lots of different things you may not think to use to make an album, Emily was fab too, you can't help but warm to her immediately, I was so relaxed in her company- she is a true star, you can't not like Emily!
Me and the gorgeous emily:

Emilys daughter Ivy is just the most adorable little bare foot princess ever! She even gave my freestyle book a touch of her creativeness:
That'll be worth a fortune in a few years!

Then there were my gorgeous pals- KT- who is just wonderful, Jo- who I wanted to pack in the boot of the car and take her home (see you soon doll!) Beth who was just a lovely peach! And everyone else- mwah mwah mwah Utterly fab day- will get the rest of the pics up in a slideshow asap
I so wish I had taken more photos- I want copies of everyones please!
Also wish I had more time to speak to everyone properly!
Still- FAB day!