Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Still alive!

Thought I'd better pop in to let you know I haven't died!
Things have been really manic, so much on all at once, then Friday I was struck down in my prime with a horrid bout of tonsillitis!
Still- I didn't let it stop me (I had no choice!) and carried on as much as I could, although I did feel somewhat drained.
Anyhoodle- am better now, and trying to catch up with deadlines and stuff one by one!
Quickish post today, I should be able to update more regularly now (once I am all caught up with other stuff), got a new whizzy (PINK!) laptop (thank you direct line!), so I am surfing at speed once again. Blogger was a total nightmare on the desktop, everything was so much bloody hard work on there and soooooo s l o w!
Hope all is well with everyone...catch ya laters!

Friday, March 16, 2007

tattoo's and stuff

I have had many many conversations on various forums about tattoos. I have two small ones, a star on my right arm, and a Rhonna Farrer swirl on the side of my left foot. Mart, on the other hand, has quite an impressive selection! I have said so many times that I want to photograph them, but he does not like having his picture taken (I can count on one hand the number of snaps I have of him)- so last week while he was in bed (awake but led on his front) I grabbed the camera- sadly I got sprung, but for once he actually let me take some shots! I think he quite liked looking at them too cos he can't see them! Bear in mind this is just his back, he has some on his chest and one on each thigh too! When we first met, he had 3 in total- just look now! I have lost count! I have squiffed the names and dates out- it's his nieces and nephew, and Mum and Dad.

Overall view of his back- some go round the side a bit so difficult to get them in- I was very careful not to photograph his arse- only I need to see that lol!

This is a cover up of an old tat.

This one is also a cover up and I think looks like a cabbage!

Really don't like this one!

Will try and snap the others when he lets me!

All the classes I was putting together are finished and ready to go- a couple of sneaky peeks-

Monday, March 05, 2007

spoke too soon!

typical! Got that nasty fluey cold bug again that's been doing the rounds!
Starting to feel a bit better now *touches wood* so have spent a busy weekend trying to play catch up!
Lots of classes to prepare for and write up- getting there slowly but surely :) Thank you to my guinea pig emms! ;)

Heard that lovely clunking sound on saturday morning- you know the one when the postie has been and left you something nice?!
Scrapbook Inspirations mag is in the building! This issue was the £5 challenge for me, piddled myself at my description- cheap and chic *snort*

Here is the layout I did- typically, said Mr Postie did rather crumple the mag-

Had great fun making this one- I really really love doing work for SI mag- they are so easy to work with, always pay up promptly, and never fail to return layouts in pristine condition. I've only ever done work for creative scrapbooking before SI, and they were great too, but there is something I can't quite put my finger on about SI- love it!
Sadly, the lounge and bumblebeecrafts closed it doors last night :(
This has always been my first port of call when I switch my computer on. In fact it is a habit that has been going on for so long, that I still clicked on the lounge this morning :(
It has been a huge part of my internet life for a long time, I quickly became moderator along with my fellow lounge honeys Shirl, Beth and Jen. I have made some fantastic friends, and they are friendships that will last. It was also the beginning of another love story- scrapping! Because of the lounge I started scrapping, which led to me being published, going on to winning Best of British, getting several design team spots, and doing bits of work for Scrapbook Inspirations magazine. So a huge thank you to Anna, for making this my online home for the last few years. I am truly sad to see it go, but, on to bigger and better things for you as a Mum, designer, and business woman :)