Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Snowy days and Mondays...

I know it is Tuesday now but this pic was taken last night during our big flurry of snow! The snow is still here, and although freezing cold here, the sun is out so the snow will probably be gone soon.
Waiting to hear back from the stables...apparently the barrow field and track we use for hacking is frozen over, so we need to see if they can let us use the arena today! All good fun!
Off for Mexican at a friends tonight...Barry is cooking me veggie style fajitas with sour cream and salsa...should be good as he is a trained chef ;)
Like Anna, I am now on the lookout for some decent fingerless glubs! It is sooo cold in my scrap/workroom, my hands are going to fall off. So fingerless gloves are the way to go I think...should be able to work still whilst wearing them!
I have been commissioned to do another 12x12 album...and on top of that I have to do some serious work on the photos...should be somewhat interesting...and challenging! I don't mind doing it at all, just have a lot on at the mo...yet all I seem to be actually achieving is reading the dark side! ;)
Had a great weekend...my niece had another birthday (I swear kids have more than one birthday a year!) and my God daughter Kara turned three as well. We had Kara's party at ballyhoo, big indoor play thingamy, had great fun. The kids had a fantastic time, and so did the grown ups! Jasmine decided to open her party bag when we got her home...and wanted to open her bubbles...she made such a mess that I took her outside to do them...in the dark, sat on the swinging chair....got some great snaps of her though so watch out for those!
Keep warm and snug everyone xox

Saturday, November 26, 2005

TFI Friday

ok, I know, I am so gonna make the effort to update more regularly!

Had a gorgeous day today with Mart. We had a bit of a heart to heart, and he has admitted that he is finding it really difficult to adjust to life now he is out. Of course I already knew this but it was nice to hear him admit it. He also told me just how much he had missed me while he was inside...he tries not to say things like that too often!
One of the many things I love about this man is his total faith in me. He was looking through some of my scrapping mags earlier, and we were talking about my scrapping. The comments he gives me are amazing, and he thinks that my scrapbooking is amazing. He has way more faith in me than I have ever had in myself about anything. :)

Not been too bad a week, the usual stuff, stables (man it was FREEZING), shopping with Amy, oh and I won the cd comp on the lounge forum, that was nice :)

Not gonna bother going into the dealings with uks...suffice to say that everyone is getting on with things now, and I totally support these girls (the banned 8! hey we should have a concert for them), and am shocked by the behaviour of some people.

Will update again soon, have loads of deadlines, and my mojo aint boinging. Maybe I should do some random throwing of things on card, stick them down straight away and see if that helps...usually does!

Lubs ya'all

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Girly things

I decided to take a photo of my pocket! Don't know why, but I love it! This is from one of my fave tops, and I simply adore the pink embroidery on the brown fabric...yum! Total girly pinky chicness. It got me to thinking about other small details that we see constantly, yet never actually focus on. I have decided I need to go around the house/my day to day routine and photograph all of those little things. My favourite coffee mug, my huge pink dressing gown that I love to snuggle in, my beautiful new(ish) suedette bedding, and the fleeces covering my bed (dya get the impression I am cold today?! lol). All of these little details make up the bigger picture of my life, yet are so overlooked...I am going to make it my mission to document them for years to come when I will no doubt have forgotten them.

On a completely different note, I got bought choccies this week too...flowers and chocs in one week.....both from two different men...neither of them my boyfriend!!!! Life is good!! ROFL!!!!

Off out in a while, I have tickets to see a fantastic show at a local theatre... off to see these guys http://www.coadycrew.com/ They are truly amazing...and of course Jasmine will be performing...basically it is a street dance school, I went and watched them working last week...they are very very good! I believe they are doing 'car wash'...should be fun! Going to drop J off for rehearsals at 5, then off to tgi's for a few drinkies!

Anna, will let you know about the canvases, it is going well, only snag is I need to get photos printed! Got so much scrappy stuff going on at the mo! Have managed to do 4 cj's this week!

ttfn -x-

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Can't believe I forgot to add this for you all to drool over!
Robbie Williams....IN THE BUFF!
http://www.robbiewilliams.co.uk/getmore/ ENJOY! :)

Got flowers?

Not the prima type (although I do have those too!) but some gorgeous roses. The sad thing is I got ever so excited about how I could alter the container afterwards! LOL!

Busy week again so far...loads of work to catch up on too!

Monday...I had Molly and Caitlin...Chris phoned to ask if I would mind having baby Willow too (11 weeks) first time she had ever been left! She was absolutely wonderful bless her, and I managed some good snaps of her, but man oh man I want the fuji s9500!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I spent trying to play catch up, still got loads to do!

Ok...slight rewind...last Friday I went to the NEC for the big craft show with Hils from UKS. Marvellous day! Loads of fab products, but SHOCKINGLY I bought no ribbon, and hardly any patterned paper!!!! Still have loads of lishy things to play with though and managed to spend more money than I can afford. Next project..........scrapping on canvas! Had a nice chat with Kate who owns scrapcanvas, have to say her new kits are stunnerama! Met up with loads of fab people...Tim Holtz, very talented, very sweet guy but I still don't get all the hype about him...don't all flame me at once! Saw Orlando and the other fairies, so had a chat with them, they were so busy and Orlando was looking rather frazzled! While choosing some paper a lovely lady came and spoke to me about the dcwv paper stacks, she then realised I was a uks'er, and introduced herself, it was Jo Lucy from uks, she is so lovely! Met Jane Dean and Cheryl, complete with chariots!!!! There was a definite scrapbooking presence there, but nowhere near as much as there should be! I was totally inspired by so many things though, I came home, and started painting on my canvas to prep it ready for paper and pretty things!

Off to the stables in a bit (presuming I have the right day!)...ttfn! -x-

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lunch tins

Just a quick post about lunch tins for Shirl. This one is from Asda, they reduced them by loads. I have covered them and decorated, and am just finishing off an album to go inside for friends' gifts for Christmas. There are scrapbooking manufacturers producing these now, provocraft and basic grey do, but they are dearer, and the only real bonus to the plain tins is that they don't have pictures on them! The BG ones are mucvh dearer but they do come with inserts. I have done another tin as a scrap planner for me, there is room for swatches, sketches etc all divided.
Anyhoodle...hope the pic is ok!
Ahh...managed to chop the handle off the pic but you get the idea I hope! Should be back to blog properly this eve...bit manic here today!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday wobblings

Ok ok ok I know I have been really bad and not updated for a week or so. Well to be honest I just couldn't face it but now I CAN! So the funeral...urgh...it was horrendous, having to face so many people I haven't spoken to in ages, but that part was fine. Twat man was there, and had the nerve to speak to my Mum who was stood next to me, while I was stood watching the coffin being lowered into the ground, with the deceased mans daughter in my arms, and totally blanked me!! How rude, after all he has done! I think my mum muttered a hello, but followed it with 'I'll poke your f**king eyes out' (quietly of course this is MY Mum after all!).
I managed to keep distanced from him after that thank God. So the other thing that bothered me...a male friend was there (also a son of the deceased) we used to be really close, and were together at one point, it was one of those relationships where we managed to stay close after being together, not often that happens. Sadly he has a very jealous lady friend (I can't say girlfriend as she is waaaay older than him!) so I couldn't even talk to him properly.
Anyway it is over and done with and I survived, a huge thank you to Ali for my card, your words made me feel so much better lovey!

The project of the day today is lunch tins. I am trying to get some albums made as pressies for friends for Christmas...it is scarily close now! It is going well so far, but really must get my printer sorted out so I can do the photos! May put this batch onto cd and take them into the printers to be done. Loving how the tins look all decorated...next problem is managing to give them away! ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


...and not nice ones either. I am dreading the funeral tomorrow. Totally dreading it. Essentially, I am going to be placed amongst hoards of people I haven't spoken to for a long time. One in particular that is causing me the most stress (even typing it out is giving me the jitters). I am really hoping for some reason he isn't there, but I know he will be. Without going into details on a public blog, this man caused me immense pain in more ways than one, then walked away leaving me to pick up the pieces. 8 years on, and the pieces are still scattered all over my life, I battle with it every single day, and I bet it never even enters his head.
Still, must soldier on, just need to get tomorrow over and done with, and then try and pick those pieces up yet again.
Sooo me and my biddy had a multi coloured drinking sesh tonight, that helped!
Hope all my blogettes had a good day...be prepared for possible ranting tomorrow night!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy halloween!

To those who celebrate, or at least take part in some way, a very happy halloween to you all, to those that don't then happy Monday!
I have to say, I don't normally 'do' Halloween, but this year we pre arranged that my God Daughter and two of her friends would come and trick or treat me! So I carved the pumpkins I got from the pumpkin farm, and popped one on the doorstep along with some balloons. Our first caller was at 5.45...by 6.15 we had run out of sweets! So Sean and I ran up to the shop and bought another £15 worth! They nearly all went too. Tonight has been a real pleasure, all of the kids were polite, and friendly, there was no nastiness at all, and most said they only came to the doors that had some kind of decoration outside so they would be welcome, that, I think is lovely. There is so much that I dislike about Halloween, and this year has been a refreshing change, I have totally enjoyed it! All of the children had made an effort, there were ghosts, ghouls, princesses, witches, and un-named black bag clad creatures! One little girl really tugged the old heart strings, she was on her own (well she had Mum with her) and very quietly knocked the door, spoke in the softest voice, so I gave her extra sweeties, and she was sooooo thankful! What a little treasure she was, she then skipped up the drive to her Mum, leaving me with a 'Happy Halloween'! Bless her! There have been no late night callers either which I am so pleased about! Loads of the houses have been decorated in our road, and they look amazing! So many happy children bustling about, we must have had at least 50 here tonight, if not more. All in all a great success!