Sunday, November 26, 2006


where has the last 10 days gone?!
I have been bad at blogging again- so shoot me! That life thing has totally gotten in the way lately!
Lots going on- not all to be shared publicly!
Mart and I are just great, I think I have fallen in love with him all over again- I swear he is hormonal but there ya go! So am I, so that makes us equal lol!
Amy is less than two weeks away from her due date- she had pre-eclampsia with J, and when I went to pick J up from school on wednesday we arrived at the docs to meet her and midwife was coming back out the next day as A's BP had shot up- not good! She ended up being tied up elsewhere so A had to go into the hosp to get it checked- it was up and down and all over the shop- so they did bloods and it seems ok for now. Midwife came back out saturday and BP was still the same, and she is coming back again tomorrow to check it. It is getting so close, and I am way too excited. J and I are very close, and she will be staying with me while A is in hospital, and perhaps a little longer depending on how things go. This is gonna be one hugely adored baby! In some ways I will miss me and Amy having our girly Wednesday's! Since J has been at school full time, Wednesday is generally he day that is 'me and Amy time'. Nothing exciting, just girly chatting, shopping, drinking coffee, whatever, but our time! I will miss that :)

Managing to get quite a few pressies sorted for that big day in December- plus about 372 birthdays before then! Still really stuck on a few!

Am teaching my photo candle class at the weekend, really looking forward to seeing what the girls come up with, and I am gonna make a batch up for presents I think.
Got some more mag work which is fantastic, so working on that this week too. Also had a great proposition from a UK company which was way too good to be refused- I love this company, the people who run it and their products- what more could I want?!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nec jollies...

Well the nec has been and gone, and I had a blast! So many people to talk to- friends old and new! Big kisses to Ginger, Paul, Orlando, Claire, Lyn and the woman who kept losing her pants! Plus all the other lovely peeps I gassed with! It was way too busy- they seriously need to consider splitting it into more halls- lets face it, they charge oodles for the stands, about a tenner for each person to get in, plus seven quid to park. It's not like they can't afford it. Particularly when lots of the other halls are empty at the time of the show. Did a fair bit of shopping, but hardly anything off my list! Still- it means I can order stuff online, people are wanting christmas pressies to buy me too so shoptastic fun ahoy!
Talking of Christmas- this tree was superb! It stood as tall as the nec hall, and was entirely knitted! How cool is that!?
As usual I stayed until kicking out time- though I didn't need to claim I was staff this time to get away with it lol!
Can't wait for the next one!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

pics n stuff

First off- Mel- Amy and I were plotting on how to steal your daughter yesterday (I had bought the bump a pumpkin costume for next year so I showed her the pics of izzy- and we need her) and then we read your comment here about the fireworks pic! Well we nearly died laughing- and I have to tell you why- all throughout the display A and I were discussing the 'sperm' fireworks- we have named them all and picked their qualities- including the 'pissed sperm' (pic to follow) and the 'super 'ard I can get through any contraceptive sperm'! Thanks for a huge laugh!

pics from the weekend-

Some of the band- I went with an open mind, (actually I lie- I went thinking they would be crap) but was actually pleasantly surprised! pics are terribly out of focus-no tripod-lots of lights- night time-fast movement-but ho hum!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And onto fireworks- shame it got so smokey and for saying the camera was handheld I am quite chuffed!

Super 'ard sperm firework-
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and finally- pissed sperm firework:

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

almost human...

Feeling better today- well, not been sick, managing to eat a bit and feel less wiped out. Except I couldn't get to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription yesterday for fear of barfing in town, so Mum went for me today in her lunch break love her- problem is by this morning my blood pressure was seriously low so I spent all day feeling rather grot still. Took a trek to the postbox and felt a bit better (not been out the house since saturday!) all drugged up now and feeling nearly human again!
Hoping to go to the stables as normal tomorrow- will see how I go!
Anyway just a quickie tonight-
I have to tell you that Land of a thousand words is being released as a single on December the 4th and you MUST GO BUY IT! It is a truly beautiful song, and I seriously hoped this would be the next scissor sisters single- even though they don't seem to do as well in the charts with the more ballad like songs. It is very 'James Bond', and when you see the video- well- James Bond eat yer heart out- it is superb and Jake Shears is looking mighty fine! Ana is looking super slinky too!
You can see it here if you want (and you should!)
There are a lot of theories flying around concerning the single covers- there are appearing to be links from the IDFLD video- my bets are on kiss you off for the next one (after LOATW) another fabulous song (ok I love them all)!
***edit* all my faves rolled into one- found this- I am, as you know by now, a huge SS fan, but I am also a huge Rocky fan too (and I mean horror show not stallone!) check THIS out- sheer genius- this is one of my favest SS tracks.***

Oh and Rood issues- you plus cherubs would be very welcome here next Halloween!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


am poorly with this flippin bug AGAIN!

After a fab night out I decided to go home early- just as well cos I then spent all night blowing chunks! So no Bonfire party for me this eve- think I need quaratining!

Will update with pics when I feel a bit better (I am getting there-just eaten for the first time- so we will see!) but here is one to whet your appetite

Love this pic!

Friday, November 03, 2006

ok I know!

I said I would blog wednesday night but I was just too darn tired by the time I got home! Then yesterday- I dunno what happened- but seemed to be running about a lot not getting very much achieve

So- Halloween!

Another fab halloween this year- somewhere in the region of 90-100 trick or treaters (seriously) we had made up 40+ treat packages (see pic in a sec) and we made more and more and more on the night cos we kept running out!

I didn't really dress up as such, but did make a bit of an effort- spider tattoo on my face, star tattoos on my collar bone, long black dress, and black top with bat like sleeves! Oh and my light up ghost necklace and spider ring!

So I got the pumpkin carved the day before-

It was flippin hard work- and took about 3.5 hours! But worth it I think!

This was the whopper before- by my standard kettle for size ref!

And this is all the insides!

I was very good- and made two huge batches of pumpkin soup (which was seriously yummy) and roasted all the seeds in butter and salt for guests to nibble on.

Oh and of course we had this too:

A real success! These are the treat packs we made up- all wrapped in Halloween tissue, tied with ribbon with a ring attached- we figured this way it stopped any greedy grabbing hands- they get one each and that's it!

Me and my lil witchypoo

and some of the decs from outside the house (we had more novelty things inside- and I have bought more since!)- except all the balloons had been given to the kids by this stage and the garlands and signs taken down!

And one more (out of focus) pic for good measure- our treat bowl- it grabs your hand and says random messages!
This bowl worked seriously hard!

Really busy couple of weeks now! Will be a better blogger though (how many times have I said that lol)!