Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh. My. Goodness

This just arrived in the post ...
From this wonderful lady here BAGLADEE'S ETSY SHOP EMMA'S BLOG
The attention to detail is superb, the little embossed metal dog tag makes it feel like it has come from an exclusive boutique (which of course it has), it is superbly made, is utterly comfy on my shoulder, and came wrapped in tissue paper (always a fab bonus).
It has a wonderful pouch inside, which shall be used to house my most used things, ranked in order of importance, my mac lipgloss, and my mobile phone!
I promise you, if you purchase one of Emma's bags you will not be disappointed!
Thank you SO much Emma, I will treasure this bag forever x

Monday, April 27, 2009

lotsa pics not many words

cos that is the kinda mood I am in today!
Been doing lots of hand stitching due to my lack of a working sewing 'chine!

Kitchen is nearly there...

and a cute lil bag I bought yesterday for £2 at Sudeley Castle's grand spring sale (along with some other pretties and some mac and toofaced make up!)

ATF is up, and this theme was 'Friends' here is mine; Simba and Jess playing together on the floor. They are a funny pair, sometimes they are lovely together and sometimes Simba will shout at Jess, and Jess will 'smack' Simba (never any claws involved though!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

where to begin?!

...well Easter is as good a place as any I spose! Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!
My mantelpiece

The girls egg cosy bunnies that I knitted for them (do you know how hard it is to find plain egg cups anywhere?)

and getting into the season I wore my bluebird socks...and decided to try and break in my new pretty shoes...ohhhhh the pain...don't I look attractive? No?

And of course we have had lots of this;

beautiful blue skies and sunshine...this pic went a bit wrong, I was trying to snap a lovely little robin sat in the tree, and as the shutter clicked, so he buggered off lol! He had kept me so entertained while I was in the garden sowing some seeds, the most beautiful singing, then I upset him by trying to get a photo *sigh*

Of course the weather has brought out lots of these...

I HATE it when they buzz right by my ear, and even worse, I hate wasps getting stuck in my hair like one did yesterday *shudder*
Then the babies made their grand entrance into the big wide world of the pond! They had overwintered in there and as it was a hard winter I wasn't sure if any would have made it.

Unfortunately I have had some problems with the pond over the last week or so, some of the babies haven't made it, along with one of my older goldies :(
Spring has a lot to answer for, the fish all start getting active but their immune systems are still trying to build back up from overwintering, along with the general bacteria levels of the pond, of course the babies still don't have much of an immune system yet so they suffered the most :(
My latest layout for ATF I chose to do Simba's first time in the garden ever, all the way back in 2002. Maybe we will get enough warmer weather for him to venture out there this year!

Been doing lots of hand sewing, mostly because my beloved vintage singer that I use for everything is broked *sobs*
I am really hankering after an embroidery machine at the moment, they are so expensive, but I really want one! Any experience/advice most welcome :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

surreal day...

that's what yesterday was!
I buried my Grandma (well not me personally!) yesterday afternoon, then yesterday evening was THE big night!
just a select few of my faves, I took about 150! More here
'nuff said...