Friday, February 23, 2007

it's going well...

I've been trying to sort my sleep pattern out a bit lately. After being ill so many times recently I could have slept not only for England, but Europe, and in fact the entire universe. When I get up I am still totally exhausted, even after more sleep than I should need. Something is obviously working, as it is getting easier to get up in the morning. I have increased my fruit and veg intake, and also started eating less 'white' foods. Rice is now brown wholegrain rice (tesco do a great one that still tastes like white rice), as white rice is stripped of every single thing that is good for you. So effectively it is an empty food. Bread is now brown too, and I have even bought wholemeal pasta! Not tried it yet (its years since I have tried it) but I think I will mix it up with white to start with! Hey- it's a step in the right direction!
I have been reading one of Gillian McKeith's books I am not dieting as such, but trying to be more aware of what I am putting into my body. Don't get me wrong- I am not following the plan in this book as such, just making small changes for the better. Like the rice thing- what is the point of eating it if my body gets absolutely nothing from it? Particularly when I can eat rice that tastes pretty much the same but is packed full of vitamin B!
Whether I am feeling better because of the food changes, or something else I don't know but I am gonna keep on! It's all good!

A huge toot and a honk for Suzanne and Caz for being selected to go through to the next round in MM Idol So deserved girlies! (had to pimp your bush lol)

So many things to photograph right now, and so little time- so will leave you with a recent layout that I actually love (very rare)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

long time no blog!

So I am back (again) and this time I am another year older *sigh*!
PC is still running like treacle, and laptop has now passed away *RIP*

First off some thank yous...for all the gorgeous cards I was sent, and gorgeous goodies too!
From Jen- BPS product playground- loving it!
From Shirl- AMM tote IN PINK! She is all filled up and I have used her every single day!
From Beth- paperartsy stamps and dew drop inks *slurp* have had great fun playing
Ali- thank you for the box of yumminess!
You gals all know me far too well!
I had loads of goodies and was totally spoilt! My Mum, bless her, took the day off work so she could take me for lunch. We went to a fab pub out of town called the house in the tree, we have been there a few times, but not for ages. Always great food, a roaring open fire and happy people! The field mushrooms in stilton were to die for!

Had a lovely morning with Amy and Amelia, and got this gorgeousness to add to my ever growing collection...another person who knows me far too well (I often think Amy knows me better than I know myself)

All in all a lovely day :)

The studio- this is coming along nicely, the floor is laid- see pic-love that guy, who gave up his sunday to lay it for me gratis- and furniture put together, still in a bit of a mess, gonna shut myself in there later and do some sorting out. Will take some more pics when I am straight! (if ever!)

Amelia is totally flourishing! She is a beautiful baby who I adore so very much! She pretty much sleeps through the night every night already- which is fab for a breast fed baby at 2 months! She is a real smiler, and coos away at you when you talk to her. She is at the stage now where she totally recognises who is holding her, and who is talking to her- she turns her head to see you and beams!

and, at last, she has some chunk on her thighs to grab!

Oh and as a last point- thank you to Imagination Project- I won their comp for a fab box of cha goodies! *yay me*

ttfn- hope all you bloggettes are well -x-

Friday, February 02, 2007

at long flippin last!

so after being MIA for a bit- was poorly (again!)- then blimmin blogger was not playing ball! I have been trying to update all week, and finally I am in! Its taken me an hour to get this far though! Ho hums!
So- the scraproom floor is down and is boootiful! Furniture is put together and am slowly organising stuff and getting straight!
Once I am sorted I will get some pics up.
On to better things- the beautiful Jennie bought me a most wonderful pressie- I got the product playground class from big picture scrapbooking! I so wanted to do the class but decided it was too much money to spend when I could be paying off my credit card bills from christmas! Lubs you hunny!
Next thing- I have been tagged by Jo-
6 weird things about me...shouldn't be too tricky!
1- I have double jointed toes- but not my big toes, and I have double jointed fingers but not thumbs!
2- I have obssesive compulsive disorders, that is about as weird as it gets lol!
3- I am allergic to antihistamines (only some- but go figure?!)
4- I am allergic to too much heat- some of my glands shut down and stop working in certain areas if I get too hot!
5- My hair and fingernails grow at a superhuman rate!
6- My eyes change colour with the seasons!

Anyhoodle- will try and update again- hoping to get my pc sorted- am working on the laptop at the mo which could be why I haven't been able to get in blogger, hope you are all well -x-