Monday, August 25, 2008

flying visit...

manic-ness here again!

Just got home from the aquatic centre, after thinking something was awfully wrong with the pond. One koi died last week, and another isn't looking too spritely- but nothing obviously wrong. Not eating as well as normal, but he did eat a bit of prawn yesterday which is good :)
So nitrite and ammonia levels are all perfect, pH is in the normal ranges, but at the higher end (alkaline which I found suprising) so I am doing a partial change to correct that, and then the water levels are totally perfect. If the koi doesn't pick up they have very kindly offered to check him out for me- they are superstars at that place!
To top it all off, it looks like I will have to buy a new pump and filter system, so that's a couple of hundred wiped out on that! It's only working intermittently at the mo- not impressed!

The latest ATF layouts are up and I missed some out on my blog as I have been so busy I couldn't blog!

Challenge 32 was my turn to set the theme...
'I wish I'd known...'
I wish I knew then what I know now. Did you never believe how difficult training would be? Did you just not realise how destructive your chosen pet could be? How full of energy they would be? How expensive? How much of a bond you would have?

and here is my layout- must get some new albums, as I keep all my challenge ones together to build a great portfolio of Simba's life!

The latest one is:

Summer time fun.
Does your pet like to play in the paddling pool or splash around in the stream? Is there a cold treat your pet enjoys or do you even take them on holiday with you? Or do they just like to laze about in the shade?
What does your pet like to do at summer time? I think there is a prize for a readers layout too for this one :)

and here is my take on it:

Next one is due to go up next week :)
Almost forgot to add this...
Lousy photos, as they were taken on my phone (one at night, one in tesco)
Jess kindly brought me this wee guy! Not a mark on him, and he was so tiny and so cute, he hopped up onto my hand while I closed the window to prevent Jess following me, let me take a pic, and then off for his release back into the garden!


Then there was this lil guy in tesco (why do these things always happen when I am around? LOL!)

I think he was a bit confused and needed the branchlets department rather than the twiglets...can you spot him?!