Thursday, August 31, 2006


This is why I hate wing clipping so much :(
Poor wee guy

Poor lil Tiny Tim

Spent hours yesterday getting a family friend over to the avian vets I use for Simba. They have recently bought a green cheek conure, and he was quite severely clipped on one wing- something I am dead against, I hate clipping full stop. So poor lil chap lost all his balance and fell from the cage :( He saw a local vet who gave him anti inflams, and wanted to see him again, but when our friend rang them, the surgery just couldn't be bothered. So off we trotted yesterday to great western referrals in swindon- I won't see anyone else for Simba. Poor Tiny Tim has a broken leg :( and looking at the xrays is is quite a big fracture too. As he is so little they don't want to do surgery, as his bones are so small and somewhat hollow, they are worried they will do more damage, so they kept him in last night and are splinting him up this morning- hopefully this afternoon we are picking him up. Then back over next week to see if he is starting to heal *fingers crossed* and he should be fully healed in 2-3 weeks. If not they will have to look at placing just one pin in his leg rather than the 4 or 5 they would normally do. The main thing in his favour is he is only 5 months old and younger birds heal faster. Poor wee chap- and he is still hopping about on one leg! So- avoid clipping!

Other news- how would like your pics to look like the ones you see on all these wonderful photography blogs? Well you now can and for a very very very reasonable price- and the bonus is that all the money goes to a very good cause-and towards helping somebody a lot of us know, through a very difficult time :)
Check it out here It is being done by our very own very talented Anita Mundt :) Wishing you all the best with it hun :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Got a nice big fat mandate voucher in the post yesterday to get my floor sorted, over £300-floortastic!

Finally managed to get a few bits of stash out today-I kid you not, it was blimmin hard work moving boxes out of the way just to reach a piece of paper!- the situation was desperate though- I HAD TO SCRAP!

Anyway, I had decided to play along with Paula's challenges for a couple of reasons:
1. They are quick fun and easy
2. They are useful- I needed to crack on with some BOM work so this is a good way to go
3. All the journaling is sorted for you
4. It is something I can do regularly, and should end up with a nice wee album!

So here is week one- top 5 tunes: (click images for larger pic)

Week two- 5 things that make me laugh

Thursday, August 24, 2006

phase one...

Inspector has just been out to assess the floor damage. I am getting brand spanking new floors, trims, door bars and fitting :) We had a nightmare fitting it when I originally put it down- I thought I could do it myself but I was so wrong and ended up having it fitted! So at least I don't have to worry about that again. The inspector was lovely- didn't even bother looking at the old flooring, he was quite happy that I wasn't trying to pull a fast one- we never claim on the insurance, and the damage to the rest of the room was obvious. He has checked the quarry tiles in the utility room for me, and they are fine, no water underneath thank god- that would be a big job! So off to sort stinky flooring out to go to the tip- hurrah!

Water is back on and sorted, the culprit was some pillock doing work on the main road in a digger, and he dug through the water main- nice work dipstick! lol! I'm clean! YAY!

So all in all we appear to have, in Shell's words, 'the right amount of water' now!

Gonna add a random pic- cos I can't find where the camera leads are packed away (am back on my own pc now thank god) ohh I know I'll find my pics of cotswold farm park- goats fighting- so proud of those- right place right time and all! It was play fighting though!

Lots of special hugs n love for Beth today. I am thinking of you darling, I know today will be really tough for you -x-

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

it never rains....

no, really!
So after not being able tog et rid of all the bloody water on friday- today we had no water! *snigger*
Yes unbelievably no water all day! Talk about irony at it's best! Decided this morning not to have a shower when I got up as I was sorting through my stinky soggy stash today to see what can be salvaged, so figured I would have a shower when I finished. Popped upstairs for a wee in between sorting- turned tap ont o wash my hands, and, well nothing! Not a drop!
Phoned the wter company and they have just got back to us, they have found the problem (someone has gone right the way through the water mains) and are sorting it out now. At last! I can now have a shower, and get rid of the swarm of flies following me about lol!
I found the whole thing highly amusing!

Postie came today with a very special parcel for me. From a very special friend. It brought tears to my eyes, it really did. I am so blessed to have a friend like this, who has ALWAYS been there whenever I need her, no matter what she has going on in her own life (she is about as lucky as I am!) yet she always finds the time. She is the most thoughtful, kind, wonderful person, and I am hugely thankful for her, not just because of what she has done today- but just for being her. She was the first person on the moby the other day when we flooded. I love you sooo much Beffaroo -x-

Anyhoodle- me and the flies are off again! ;) ttfn from the soggy bloggy!

Oh and as a ps- those who were asking about the candles- I am not ignoring you lol. Depending on how the studio rebuild gets on/whether I can work around it, I should be teaching an online class on how to make photo candles-it will be september/october time. Will post more details when I know what is happening.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Ok no pics today- am on the laptop upstairs. For those who I haven't already whinged at- we got rather flooded on Friday. The house itself isn't too bad but the outbuildings were hit badly. I was sat working in my scraproom, when I noticed a little puddle (it wasn't me honest!) so I went to get a mop. By the time I had stood up and walked all of three paces it was like a mini tidal wave! It tore through the garage, through my scraproom and into the utility room. Typically my scraproom was the worst hit- sods law I guess. I had no time to rescue anything it all happened so fast. Managed to whip the extension leads out of the way, and rip the plugs out of the wall but they still got wet, luckily the sockets are up high so my pc, craft robo, stereo, tv etc should all be ok *crosses everything*
Lots of ruined stash :( And ruined units too I suspect. The amount of silt that got flung through was incredible, so this weekend I have moved as much stuff out as I can, been instructed by the insurance co to rip all the flooring out- that was hard work, but being sodden it was easier to get up than it was to get down! Was told saturday morning they would have humidifiers out within 24 hours- still waiting! Bit like the council sending someone out right away at 2pm friday with sandbags- still waiting! Luckily the drain company had come out to check all the road drains, and the nice chaps went to the yard and brought some out for us.
Lovely guy opposite has been a bit of a knight in shining armour- he came over to make sure I was ok. But he couldn't get through the water at first- it was sat at the front of the house at over 3 foot! I had the carriers ready to get simba and jess out, but luckily just as it was coming through the door the rain stopped, so they were ok, and just a minor bit of damage to the hallway. This guy has been fab- he came to check up on saturday before he went on holiday, and has offered any help I need. our house was the worst hit, but fingers crossed it should all be sorted by the insurance co. We never claim but there is no way I can afford to replace it all. The floor was that bad that when you walked on it, where it was buckled, you got little fountains between the boards of wood!
The main thing is Simba and Jess are ok- the rest is replaceable- apart from my best of british winning layouts which are trashed- still not the end of the world!

I have been tagged too- but will do that later sometime. MAJOR hugs and kisses to my pad girlies who have been INCREDIBLE. They have listened to me whine, whinge, rant and sob. And have been there with hugs, and amazing advice. I lubs you girls! Also major huggage to all at bbc and uks who have also been just as fantastic- lub you all too -x- Oh and of course to Pete-lubs you too -x-

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

let's try again...

been trying to update for the last coupla days and blogger has not been playing nicely!

So, the christening is done and dusted, woke up (far too early) to a very grey looking day. Got myself ready, it started raining, but that eased off thank goodness. However my lovely summery outfit I bought ages ago for this one day had to be covered with a cardigan! grr! It was that cold that after the christening I was actually shivering and my teeth a-chattering! In August!
The service was long- nearly two hours as it was part of a family service. Jasmine was rather bored...

LOL! Bless her she was an angel. The church were very relaxed about kids, as I think most are now, J found a book called 'what happens when I die' we ended up sitting and reading that, I would normally pre-read a book like this to myself before reading it to a child but this situation didn't allow for that! lol! Thankfully it was ok. There was a little creche area for the kids too, normally in the summer months the church actually put on an organised creche, but this was fine, they had toys and books and the kids were happy.
The girls were angels, cait was not impressed with the whole 'water on the head' issue! Cue pet lip and the threat of tears! She was fine though after...

so service done and we head back off to a freezing garden for the bbq and bouncy castle! Great fun, the kids (and grown ups) had a wonderful time! I think there would have been a lot of moaning had it not been for that bouncy castle!

So all in all, the weather was horrid but could have been far worse- at least it stayed dry, and the service etc went without a hitch, and I now have two more god-daughters!

Oh and other news, most of you know I am petrified of the dentist- to the point that I got kicked out of my last one, but I do like the security of having a dentist- well as we know nhs dentists are rarer then hens teeth, but I have managed to get in one today, have an appt in October and am crapping myself already! Any tips greatfully received!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Before I forget I am amazed by how many people don't know about add all your favourite blogs and it tells you which have been updated since your last visit- truly fantastic and free!

Thought I would share what I have been up to. I decided the girls needed photo candles for their christening (which is sunday *yeeks* their main presents haven't even arrived yet). I did a practise one with a sun damaged candle outta my bedroom and a photo of simba

So once I knew what I was doing- I got on and made these for the girls. I wanted something clean, simple and elegant, that wouldn't date. Each has a little tag with christening details on

Friday, August 04, 2006


Why oh why does life have to be so blimmin complicated!?

Not much to report (everything that has happened can't go on a public blog), no funky pics so will add a random layout pic cos I can't not add a photie!

Had a busy week as usual, but don't feel like I have achieved anything! Done lots of sorting out, must start getting stuff on ebay! Been swimming- that was cool, I love being in the water, and as it wasn't warm enough this week for jasmine to have her outdoor pool we went to a public pool in tewkesbury-the bonus is they have a jaccuzi effort in the kids pool, so the girls went of swimming while we relaxed in the bubbles!

Huge congratulations to our annie hafferman, who is expecting a beautiful baby girl :D

Random layout that I did for the scrap pad, bit traumatic- very healing! Take care blogettes -x-