Thursday, December 29, 2005

Not impressed...the arctic frog...

Yes it is THAT cold in my scraproom! Hat, scarf, gloves, vest top, long sleeved top, jumper and fleece...all topped off by me wrapping my hands round a mug of hot coffee! This is seriously affecting my mojo. How can I be expected to work in these arctic temperatures?! Not a happy bunny! I wanna scrap, and I can't. Not impressed!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So was it good for you?

Christmas that is! Had a nice day here...Santa(s) surprised me with my much coveted Fuji finepix S9500! Woohaaaaaa! Nan was here for lunch, but we ended up taking her home early as she felt rotten (she has pleurisy) bless her. So instead I spent the evening at my brothers (we normally have Jack's birthday tea at Nans for the evening, but she wasn't up to it), caught up with the Christmas soaps, ate too much, slept like a log!
Had loads of fab pressies and everyone seemed happy with the gifts I gave so all is good. Had a couple of odd ones too...a chicken money box?! (I laffed so hard at that one!). Boxing day, lounged at home, few visitors in and out...good game of dvd trivial pursuit which I won *gloating*...I think I shocked everyone with my apparent store of useless knowledge! Yesterday I did a bit (too much) sales sale was fairly good, finally found a perfect pair of jeans (I am sooo fussy with jeans), undies, a corset (!), some mugs (I am obsessed-have no room in mugs cupboard now at all)...then off to starbucks for a huge gingerbread latte...yummers. Got some new bedding too, all beige and brown and lovely. Then today I have been on a mission to sort some of my scraproom aka the stoooodio out...nearly there! Hope you all enjoyed crimbly time xxxx

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!
Thought I should do a little blogging before I retire to my boudoir! Had a lovely day today: Friends and god daughter came to visit this morning, then this afternoon I went to visit another friend, with some more godchildren of mine. Man they were so hyped! Mols spent 2 hours tracking Santa, then her and Cait squealed when a chap walked past the window dressed as THE MAN himself! 'But how can that be Santa?' said Mols...'He is in Japan now'! Bless her lil cottons!! Anyway I won't keep you reading....hope Santa brings you all you wished for, and then some. Lots of excitement tomorrow eh people? now! My nephew turns 10 today, so we have Christmas in the morning and birthday in the evening! Hope you all have a lovely festive snuggly happy time. I know some of you (me included) will be missing loved ones this year...they are with us though. Love to you all xxxx

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Restoring my faith in humanKIND

ok quick update about my test....after many rows yesterday and starting the morning by throwing up, I did a test and it is negative. Will retest in a week, but not been sick today so it must have been a one off...very bizarre! friend phoned me this morning to make sure I was ok after yesterdays vileness...and I heard the most wonderful thing ever. This friend is my bestestest friend, and mother of one of goddaughters. Bit of background: when her daughter was 9 months old, her partner left them, 2 years ago he landed himself in prison, and it was most deserved. My friend has dealt with so much in her life, so nobody deserves this more than her. She survives on less than £100 a week, to support her and her daughter. Yet she still manages to make christmas special, buy lovely gifts, and take her daughter horseriding will understand the impact of why I am saying all this in a mo...

This morning her doorbell rang...worried it was someone she didn't want to see (she has had a lot of trouble lately)...she reluctantly opened the door, keeping her foot behind it. A chap was on the other side, who she had never seen before. 'Miss Ellis'?....'yes' said my friend....'I have a delivery for you' says this bloke....So my friend says she is not expecting anything, what is going on etc, and this chap says, 'I am just the delivery guy', and puts two big marks and spencers cool bags on her doorstep and goes off to get more. Thinking back to last Christmas, her ex (in prison) had told her about this scheme they have with the salvation army, for single mums where the childs dad is in prison. Basically they deliver a little gift for the child, (like a selection pack). So my friend asks if it could be to do with them, and the guy said it probably was but honestly couldn't say who it had come from etc, but that yes it probably was the salvation army. My friend is stood in floods of tears, with her hand over her mouth...utterly gobsmacked. At which point this guy says...this is why we do it *blub* Friend says she really doesnt deserve it, she was on her own long before her ex went 'down' and she manages...and this guy says 'you manage. but this is to give you the extras...*and looking at her face*, this is what it is all about' *blubbing more* He forgets something else, and goes back to the car to get a box...friend asks him if he wants the cool bags back...nope they are yours to keep.
Well she unpacks these bags on the phone to me...there was:
2 huge cadbury selection packs, a huge homemade christmas cake (she has never had a christmas cake) boxes of chocolates, m&s biscuits, shortbread, oodles of stuff for dort, barbie pencils, colouring books, colouring pencils, 2 christmas puddings, boxes of mince pies, eggs, bacon, butter, salmon, sausages, milk, bottles of non alky drinks, tins of food, jams, boxes of cup a soups, other packets of stuff, bags and bags of stuff.
I stood on the phone in floods of tears, just because nobody deserves this more than my mate. And she is feeling guilty about it because there are others out there who deserve it more than her. Off to make a donation of some sort to the salvation army now...I think it's gonna be a good Christmas :)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

bah bliddy humbug!

Well shizzle ma nizzle...haven't blogged for ages again! Why is life so hectic ALL the time?!
Hokays quick rundown of the week...turned up at the stables the other day, was only meant to be lessons, so nowt mucky. So I turn up wearing a long gypsy skirt (thankfully dark brown-feeling a bit bohoesque this week) and my long boots, only to be told that we have to take a hack out...cue me- in panic mode! So I end up trudging through the forest, the hills, and the fields IN A SKIRT! Mud that rose to my calves, in a skirt. In the cold. Not amused! So I survive through it (just) and take myself down past the stables to hose my boots off to get in the car. Mistake number two. I now discover I have a hole in one of my boots and the water is ice cold! The moral being this, I am buying stable boots, half chaps if it comes to it and wearing my jods (or at least jeans) whether I am riding or not! lol!
Lots of business this week, had lots of visitors in and out, and more to come. Had a big deadline to work on this week and finished it with just an hour or so to spare. Why do I do this to myself? Maybe I work best when I pressure myself? Who knows. J had her dance show in the shopping centre this week too bless her, and she was an absolute trooper dancing with a chest infection! Love that kid!
Finished all the pressies to be made, just awaiting on my photo order, then the rest are all ready to go.
Had to go into town today to get some more pressies sorted, £200 later and am nearly finished. You wouldn't think I have been buying pressies since September would ya?! It was absolute mayhem in town, I hated it! Made worse by the fact I bought a suede jacket in next as a pressie for someone, the girl eventually found the tag, removed it yet I still set the alarms off. So I stand there showing this guy that there are no tags, I have the receipt etc, he was really nice bless him...except that every shop I went in after (Next was only the 2nd shop I went in) the alarms went off...and then they went off again as I left! Crowds of people staring, and I couldn't have cared less! I just wanted to get finished and leave! Then of course I realised I had left all my parcels at home. Mum was meeting me later so got her to pick them up for me and bring thm into town, which she did, I legged it back to the post office with 10 minutes to spare....and they shut the door in my face! *evil* So now I have dropped them off with a friend who is sorting it for me first thing Monday morning....I hate the fact they closed our local post office!
God this is turning into a major rant lol!
So off to tesco next...not too bad...£200 in there too (had to do 3 peoples shopping including my own) to sort my Nan out who is very very ill with pleurosy (sp?) she isn't eating and looks so bony :( Had her to the hosp this week, xrays etc got a friend who is a consultant to check her xrays, nothing sinister going on thank god. Upped her painkillers, but she still can't move for the pain. Off to clean her house tomorrow for her.
Get home eventually at about 9pm laden with bags to realise I have forgotten to pick up my prescription...bum...if I don't take a tablet before 11am tomorrow my blood pressure will plummet and I will be ill. Good mate of mine that she is, Chris is picking it up for me on her way to visit in the morning! Then I am having my hair done, it will be so nice to something for me!
ESSAY! So if you aren't asleep yet...after reading about my minor dramas and foul moodage...tomorrow (if I am feeling brave enough) brings the next matter...a pregnancy test...
Night night blogettes xxxx

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bad blogger!

Life has so totally got in the way of my blogging!
Sooo update...the mexican food was to die for, great evening.
Done some more Christmas shopping, still way behind though and loads more cards to make!
Got birthday pressies sorted at last after huge probs with the company I was ordering from, still we are all only human and it was quite amusing...will tell all after the relevant birthdays as I know they read my blog!
Got lunch tin albums made, need to get prints ordered so I can stick all the photos in. Got other pressies (that I can't divulge on here cos they all read my blog!) sorted and finished and ready to post on Saturday hopefully! Really really chuffed with them, and I hope the recipients like them just as much as I do! ;)
Must get a move on with this commish album too *sigh* so much to do so little time, and I woke up this morning with a full blown cold, horrid cough and tonsilitis, so to be honest I really can't be arsed to do any of it...must plod on though!
Seriously need to do some scrapping...I think I am so behind with doing any because of my busted printer. MUST get an engineer out to fix it...problem is canon uk site is down and I can't find who I need to contact on the europe page...bugger it all!
J has a dance show tonight too in the local shopping centre for late night shopping, she has to do next thursday too.
Had our second photo shoot last night. Simba and I went to get some more gorgeous shots done together. He was a total superstar, so proud of him! We had a different photographer last night, and I like this mans style. He took some more 'fun' shots, as opposed to the typical portraits. There is one great one of me and my boy together, and one of him sat on my head! Can't wait for them to arrive, and am soooo poor now!
Was up at 6.30am yesterday and still needed more hours to the day. Lots of visitors. Mart and I spent a few quality hours together, and I feel like I have fallen in love with him all over again after our recent traumas.
Hope you are all enjoying the season of stress, speeding about, and too many people around!