Monday, May 17, 2010

lotsa pics!

Introducing my new rescue girlies, they are absolutely peaches, total sweethearts :)
We've had a few problems, Ellie is a little bit poorly love her, and we are off to the vets again later with her and Lola :(

This is Ellie (who has the hugest tail I have ever seen!)

And this is Maisie 

Integrating them with Ruby and Lola has been tough going but we have pretty much sorted it now, not bad for two weeks and one day here :) It has been stressy though, and I am longing for a full nights sleep lol! I do love them to bits already <3

Yesterday saw my lovely Olivia being Christened, so I was off to church first thing, a few of my fave snaps (I have loads more to get off other people yet)
 The cake that the lovely Gail made :) Containing 14 of Ruby and Lola's eggs! The sponge was the most amazing colour. That stork was on her Nana's Christening cake, and her two sisters cake as well :)

There is nothing quite like chubby ankles and naked feet in pretty bright white shoes *grin*