Friday, October 28, 2005

Thursday already?!

Phew what a busy two days! Was too tired to update last night!
Well me and mah man had our renunion yesterday, god I missed him so much, and managed not to cry when I saw him!!!! It was weird after 6 months of not seeing eachother but so totally wonderful.

Ok for those who wanted to know the details: basically he insured his car (mitsubushi evolution mega expensive insurance) he got a good quote, so took the insurance with them. When the form came back to him, he rang to check as the form didn't say 'evolution' on it, but the guy he spoke to said yeah it's on record we know it is the evo. So he then got a demand later on for another £900. Mart said he wasn't paying it, because he was given a quote and that is what he had paid (fair enough) so they took mart to small claims court. He had to fill forms in for the court hearing, now at this point it may be wise to tell those who don't know that Mart has terrible memory problems. They started after a bad crash which killed his best friend and left him in a coma for 3 months. He had started getting a lot better, then about 2 years ago someone hit his van and he was knocked out cos he hit his head on the window, from then his memory got worse, he gets rather confused, and I have seen for myself how much worse it became after the second crash. So he filled the forms in, and they asked if he owned any property, technically he doesn't, but after his Mum died, and his Dad remarried, the family home had been put into Marts name so if anything happened in his Dads new marriage, it would be safe. They also asked what vehicles he owned, and he said about his car, but not his van fleet, as this is in his Dads name for the business they both run. They did some digging, and because Mart had signed once for the tax forms on the vans, they declared him as lying. So basically two (kind of but not realised and not deliberate) lies, and he was sent to prison for a year for perjury. How much does that suck?! On top of that the claim for the car insurance, well insurance co lied so he had to pay the £900 plus costs. What a bunch of wankers.
Anyway it is all over now, I am furious that for something so small he gets a year, yet there are rapists, violent people etc who get a warning, or a really short sentence, where is the justice in that?
So pleased to have him home at last.

Other news, yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch in Over. Totally fab day, absolutely magical. Will add a pic. I could waffle forever about it but I will save your eyes! Suffice to say I will be going again. They do something for Christmas too, so will have to go for that!

Today, another busy day, did domesticness this morning, made 4 casseroles, mucked animals out, went swimming this afternoon, then a few drinkies and dinner with a mate.

Tomorrow off to stables, followed by more hecticness! I love half term! Next week will seem so calm and quiet!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Oh yes and by the way my boots arrived this morning and are totally LISH!!!! I think we may need to be seperated by surgical means!!!!

Life is a rollercoaster...

just gotta ride it??
Hell yuh! Wow whadda day! Prepare for random jibbering, blathering and other 'ings'!
Well, where to start? This morning was particularly uneventful, mate came over to pick me up and went for lunch and yet more conversing with police (they must think I get everywhere!). Then came the major incident for the day...MY MAN IS HOME!!!! Jesus I am so happy, I keep getting all teary. Love him, I knew nothing about this, he wanted to surprise me, *wub wub wub*...problem was I was on my way to the stables!!!! Love him, he got out yesterday, and has been at work since 4am today, I have spoken to him a lot today, but we haven't had the emotional reunion yet! God I am gonna be a wreck! Stupidly had I not been at the stables it all could have been over with now, but I guess all good things come to those who wait. Was hoping he was gonna be here for the night, but at 7.30 he needed sleep...not much chance of that if he stayed here tonight!!!! I am so damn happy! *insert manic grin* But I swear that man never stops working...we will have to change that! Basically he was a driver down, so stepped in, hell they have coped without him for 6 months, a few more days aint gonna hurt love!!!!
So roll on the emotional reunion, lubs ya all xxxx

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tell me why...

I don't like Mondaaaaays...tell me get the picture right?
Well I am now feeling suitably guilty about last nights blog, even though it is all true. Phone went at just after 2am to say friends Dad died at 2am. So yes I do feel guilty, but on the other hand we all know the story of the little boy who cried wolf. I think this applies here. So as much as I feel bad about what I said, I don't take it back, as a rule I don't generally say things unless I mean them. So now to await the funeral...could be interesting...his wife wants me in the front car *insert shocked emote* So today has been filled with phonecalls, and I mean filled, as soon as the phone has been hung up it rings again. My life is so filled with doom and gloom right now I fear I don't have enough shoulders for everyone. I need to be there for everyone who needs me right now, not just over this death but everything else that has been going on. Never mind my own personal woes!
Shit I sound like a right grumpy cow...well I AM! LOL! Not really, just merrily bobbing along just now! I shut myself away in my bedroom today, and tidied like a frenzied flylady gone wrong, then decided to paint my wardrobe doors, except that before I knew it-it was 5pm and needed to be getting tea on the I have one dark wooden door and one cream one!
So tomorrow I am up at the stables all day...Wednesday I need to be whipping up a culinary delight, and Thursday I should be at Nans getting some bolts fitted and other jobs she needs doing...and then it is Friday and possibly stables again, not sure yet, so errr when do I get my wardrobe finished?! Sod it who cares!
C'mon boots, mama needs you!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sunday sunday baaadabaaadaaadaaadaaa....

Nope wrong day! Well wrong day for the song!
Spent most of today faffing! Sorting out cd's from the attic, t'internetting, and, well, faffing!
Was NOT impressed at the phone ringing before 7am this morning! That's no way to start a Sunday morning! Apparently my friends Dad had a heart attack and is expected to die within 24-36 hours. Hmmm, not sure I believe it though. To those who don't know the situation that will sound very heartless...well I guess in a way it is. Thing is, in January they told us he only had 3 days to live...we are in October now! These people are known for being compulsive liars mind you. Yes I do feel for them, but I don't really know what they are expecting us to do. I will of course be there for my friend as the time comes, which it will, and her brother who is also a very good friend of mine, but me rushing over to wilts at that time in the morning serves no purpose at all. Especially when one of the children was in London for the weekend and not coming home early...she knows it may be well exaggerated too...I think.
Have been a bit crafty this evening...working on my cd for Beth's competition, that caused some frustration I can tell you!!!! But it will serve a double purpose...and that is all I am saying on the matter! LOL! For your visual pleasure (or not) todays pic is going to be of my tag cj entry for Tracy's book, 'favourite time of the year'. Loved doing this one...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

on the 22nd day of blogdom...

Geeeez my life is sooooo dull and dreary sometimes!
Ok...see those boots down there....yep those gorgylish brown flowery boots of heavenlyness? THEY ARE MINE!!!!!!!! Mwahahahaha! Last night I thought sod it and ordered in a few days they will be in my grubby mits and on my feet quicker than you can say boo to a goose!
Been shopping today, spent a fortune in smiths and am skint already, only got paid yesterday, that's not good! But I now have the fabulous bookazine featuring Jen, Kirsty and others, flicked through it quickly, lookin good gals!
Finished a layout last night and have to say I am rather pleased with it, not sure why I like it, I just do...that is quite unusual for me, I normally think they are 'ok' but am rather proud of this one. Yet more of my scrawl too. I faffed about putting things on, taking things off, and then stuck it down and walla! Having no printer is KILLING me though! Have finished two cj's this week and sent them on their merry way, a couple of crimbly card designs done too.
Gonna decorate the spare room this week, and then start scrapping a bit more, can't wait to have the house to myself in the days again (yes Sean is still off work grrrrrrr) I get so much done when there is nobody else here!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I feel sick

Horrid to the pit of my stomach sick. And I'm not ill.
Spent the day with my closest friend today. Heard some very shocking news, poor lass had her home barged into by someone she knows, who then proceeded to beat the crap out of her. All while my friends 5 year old daughter slept. My friend did not defend herself either...why? Because the woman that did this was pregnant, AND this womans daughter was in the room watching it all. Sick huh? The thing is that my friend did NONE of the things she was being accused of, and still got a beating for it. She will not press charges either. And to top it all off, this woman is getting a male family member to phone my friend and leave her threats by answer machine. They have sat outside her house for hours. Why are people like this? It really saddens me...big time.
On a lighter note we had a lovely afternoon, even though it poured and poured with rain, resulting in two rainbows at the same time, wish I'd had my camera with where are the batteries for it again?!
Still lusting after my boots, may just treat myself!
Here's hoping for a happier blog tomorrow....and a fandabbydozy eppy of lost tonight!
Be good munchkins!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Am cross posting this from the forums, as I want as many people to see it as poss!
My Nan has been very nastily robbed today. A family friend went to visit her earlier, as normal, went into Nans kitchen to make a coffee as she always does, my Nan went back into the kitchen to get something, (they had been sitting in the dining room adjoining the kitchen) to see an arm retreating from her back door complete with Gills handbag. My Nan shouted out to Gill, the bloke legged it, got confused, smashed through the back door going to the back garden, got through it, hotfooted it through Nans back garden, jumped the fence and climbed across the garages at the back of the garden. While he was climbing up he dropped Gills mobile, everything else is lost now. She was having a VERY large sum of money transferred into her bank today too so have informed them. In her bag was everything, car docs, mot docs, a fair bit of cash, all her cards, photos, and her daughters house keys. Thankfully her own house and car keys were with her in the dining room so she could drive home and get all her details to phone the bank. My Nan is 78 years old, scared shitless, and on her own. She doesn't want anyone to stay with her but I know she is scared :( She nearly always keeps all the doors locked whether she is in the house or not. This one time it was unlocked some bastard has invaded her home. So girls whether you are there or not keep your doors locked please. Off to sit with her tomorrow.In relation to this, Nan never got a good look at him, apart from the fact he was white, that was all she could tell the police, but a friend of hers that lives in the same close, had just collected her pension this afty, and was walking back, and at the bottom of the close was a "very shifty looking" bloke, and she was too scared to pass him. She saw a man she knew and called over to him and he walked her back. Turns out the same bloke was hanging around in the same spot when Gill arrived, so it appears he followed her :( If you take nothing else from this post, just remember people will take advantage, this was broad daylight while he knew people were in the house. Go and lock the doors please xxxx

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Do you ever spend what seems like forever mulling something over? Well the last few days have been like that for feels like weeks though. Every little thing that could possibly be analysed, I have pondered...and not just the big things either, the little everyday things, I am sure it is bad for me!
I seem to get like this every now and then, and much as I ponder things, nothing ever seems to change that much, I guess I have thrown myself into redoing my stooodio as a way to escape all of this thinking. It doesn't help that I am really, hugely missing Mart at the mo, big time missing him, counting down the weeks, days, hours til I can finally see him again :( I never thought one person could have such an impact. Life sucks at times. Come home babe.
Been trying to come up with designs for this years Christmas cards, made a few samples up, determined to get more made this year than I did last year! Got a few nice ones, but nothing with the wow factor I strive for! I did manage to get all the charity cards finished for Hils though! Hurrah!
I was really saddened by Anna's blog tonight. To hear that a 5 year old is being bullied, poor Izzy, children can be so cruel. I left a comment for Anna, saying that it is always these children that tend to be more empathetic towards others, and it is true. Izzy will grow to be a lovely caring young woman, of that I am sure.
I think I need a new project to sink my teeth into, not sure what's all this pondering you see..I told you it wasn't good! I need something to challenge me, be it creatively or academically, who knows, and I can't find that thing that I need to be doing!
Still, while I wait for inspiration to strike on that front I think I will go out tomorrow and buy myself some new boots...I am sure that will help things ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Queen of whitewash...

Nowt exciting today, yet more whitewashing of stooodio! Considering whitewashing the door now too...and my baskets...and anything else too!
I have significantly recovered from my little scare last night...I plugged in the poot and KAPOW! Lil explosion, big orange flash, and pretty orange sparks landing on the carpet! Oopsie! I think plasterer managed to get water in the extension lead! One plug pin appeared to be wet, not good. Thankfully poot is ok!
Really enjoyed 'lost' tonight. That programme just gets better and better. Sat in floods of tears when Charlie 'died' then shat me pants when he was revived! Can't wait til next week for the next eppy!
So back to the boring humdrum that is my life today...missing Mart something chronic, and need to keep busy, got plenty to do though so it shouldn't be too hard, I just need to be able to not 'think' :(

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What a long day...

Blurk! Was up at ridiculous o'clock again this morning after another insomniacalish night. Still I think the work blokie is finished now, THANK GOD! Now on to the task of sorting rooms out and then decorating....that being the only part I don't mind doing! I am thinking a nice beige and cream...mmmmm!
So, riding day today, took J out across the fields on Suzie after a manic start when we got to the stables to find it deserted (apart from Gill and Jessie!) this wouldn't have been a prob apart from the fact that David had locked the office, which is where the hats are kept! Made it out eventually, and had another fab trek on Leckie hill, God I love it up there, all your worries and troubles melt into oblivion. Bliss.
Didn't see Max, but had long lovely cuddles with Henley...pic is a-comin! He is so sweet bless him!
Had a few drinky poos with Amy tonight, and I think we put the world to rights, after a huge natter the only subject we really covered was men, so it seems they cause most of the problems in the world...well you all knew that already right?! ;) She is however still fag free after 2 weeks and 2 days! How the hell does she do it?! I am proud of ya babe :)
Simba is still getting better, he melted my heart today with 'come on babe' and 'alright gorgeous' whadda man eh?!
So off to the land of sandman, ready for more whitewashing tomorrow!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Aren't I doing well?!

Crappy day today but nowt unusual there! Plastering has been done and this room looks like a shit tip! He should have been here at 8am, so I was up mega early and he didn't turn up til 9.30 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Neil Forbes (Simba's vet) rang me today and was most pleased that he has got his whistle back! The meds he is on are fine and Neil said give him 3 days and he should be back to 100%! Fabbo!

I decided today that I am really fed up with my scrap room aka the stoooodio. I don't think I have ever been that happy with it, I guess that is what comes from trying to do it on such a tight budget. So I have moved things about and added another shelf unit in the hopes it will look less cluttered. So to combat the shelves making the room look too small I am white washing them, I don't care if it is unfashionable, I like white wash! Have just sorted some more stuff, and the rest can wait til Wednesday as tomorrow is riding day :) On that note, I am going to add a pic of the ever beautiful Max, one of my many loves! He is the softest, dopiest beast ever! It will be interesting to see how Amy has done tomorrow, she had been fag free for 12 days when I saw her on Friday, so proud of her :D

Bout time I updated!

What a hectic few days!
Ok soooo...Friday, Amy bless her lil cottons came round to see how Simba was doing, rang the vets and Neil rang me back later. He wanted Simba in that afternoon for an endoscopy. So Amy being the absolute trooper that she is managed to find someone to have J (bear in mind there was nobody about yet she still managed it!), picked us up and off we went on our long journey! Neil was worried that Simba may have aspergillosis, a nasty fungal infection that attacks the voice box, then travels to the windpipe, eventually closing it off and suffocating the bird. Neil gave Simba a general anaesthetic, and did his endoscopy, swabs and whatever other tests, and discvoered it isn't aspergillosis (thank god) but he does have an infection and swelling in his windpipe, which is why he couldn't whistle properly. So a shot of antibiotics, a shot of pain relief and anti inflammatories and Simba was allowed home complete with a new graze and bump on his face! Home medicating is not going well! I have holes in my hands that are so sore, but I don't care, as long as Simba is getting better, which he certainly seems to be, his whistle is getting better and better. He has to have steam therapy, which he is fine with. He is eating well and still flying, all good signs. Had to phone the vets this morning to get the swab results back, there was no growth on the culture platelets, so I have to carry on medicating until they recheck the platelets tomorrow, and if needs be I have to go back to the vets to get different meds. I think Simba is responding to these but we shall see.
Spent a large part of last night frantically scrapping for uks scrap wars cybercrop, in fact I finally managed to fall into bed sometime around 3am! Still I got a nice amount of points, so I did my bit for the Jedi's! Heck I even have some nice layouts too!
Got Nan here for dinner today, bless her, it is her wedding anniversary today, the first without my Grandad :( so we have been up to the cemetary too. God I miss him so much. Can't believe it's nearly a year since he died.
Supposed to be sorting out the spare room today, have to get it finished tonight, as the plasterer is in tomorrow! Best get a move on *sigh* alas I do have to be at the uks scrap wars winners party tonight at 8 *grins*
Be good everyone, ttfn!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I know I know!

Yes I know, I was never going to blog and yet here I am just hours after my first post rambling again. Simba is really concerning me, I have tried and tried to get him to whistle but he just can't. He is still talking (very quietly) and eating, which is a good sign. So I am going to phone Neil and the team at the avian vets tomorrow morning to see what they say. My rock of a buddy Amy has displayed her true friendship yet again, comforting words cos she KNOWS how I am feeling right now, and will take us over to the vets tomorrow if they want Simba in. Bear in mind we have to go all the way to Swindon, what a star she is, ready and willing to drop everything for me and my boy. Too many people are of the attitude that he is 'just a bird', not to me, and not to Amy, she understands when nobody else does. So off to my bed for a night of worrying and not sleeping, nighty night xxxx

Oh well here goes...

Ok so I vowed never to do it yet here I am! I have never been much of a diary keeper, apart from the odd few times as a teenager. So why am I blogging? Blowed if I know! Maybe I just need somewhere to let off a little steam. Who knows!
Mad day today, Sean now has cellulitis, very advanced, in his foot after trapping it under a forklift. It was getting so much better then bam, swelling again etc. Docs said this afternoon that if the (1000mg!!) of antibiotics (times 2) don't work within two days then straight to the hospital, and if it doesn't go he could well lose his foot as it is so advanced. I am sure it will be fine (fingers crossed eh!).
Simba has been odd today, he seems to have lost his whistle! It sounds really strange, he was a little quiet last night when talking, but now when he tries to whistle he sounds almost like he has a croaky voice! Bizarre. He is eating and flying (that's the other thing-he flew into the window today, not like him) but I can't take him all the way to the vets and say he has lost his voice! Will keep a close eye on him.
Good news on the creativity front, sort of! I have made nearly 25 cards today for Christmas...not for my own cards, but for requested ones for charity sales. I like doing good, selfless deeds for those less fortunate than myself. Though if you could see the scowl on my mug most days you would think I had nothing to be thankful for!
Anyhoodle, I didn't expect my very first entry to be so darn long!
Happy scrappin!