Friday, May 26, 2006

Meet Simba

So you all listen to me waffle on about this boy, but hopefully here he is for all to see (and hear!). Only two very short clips, will try and get some better ones. Did this on my digi camera last night- just random filming.
Anyway here he is- hope this works!
1st one- this is a piss take sneeze (2nd sneeze is real) how he reaches to cover his mouth/nose!

and 2nd one- not sure what the waffle is at the very start, but the rest is him talking to the cat and initiating a game of peepo!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Thank you for all your comments, love and stuff.
It means a lot to me.
I am ok, it's just a blip (I hope)
Basically Mart and I have had a big heart to heart with a LOT of tears. We decided that maybe we should split up, problem was I don't think either of us really want that. We both want different things in our long term life plans, but I don't think he is totally convinced in his own head that he knows what he wants. Since this heart to heart he has been on the phone every single day, over and over and can't leave me alone, this is not a man who wants things to end- I am more certain of that than I ever have been.
Which just makes things all, well, so up in the air!
So neither of us are sure where things go from here really.
I don't know.
I love him SO much, and can't see us being apart. Acht time will tell I spose.
Had Caitlin and Willow round today- can't believe Willow is nearly 9 months. She is such a treasure- and Cait- well she is a rule unto herself! Totally lush, totally affectionate, and I totally ADORE her!
They are both to be officially made my God-daughters in August. Complete with bouncy castle that takes adults and kids *snigger* should be a great day!
Fab pic of Willow-

and one of Cait and Willow- love this pic so much- not sure why tho lol! Check out Willow's spikey hair lol!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I know. I know.

I haven't updated in ages! Life is really hectic and somewhat difficult just now, so not really feeling like blogging and depressing everyone else too!
Had a huge falling out at the stables last week, big time, but all is sorted now...suffice to say that nobody will talk to Jasmine in the way that the stable owner did, ever again! grrrr
Pic is of a random layout from the weekend, one of the challenges set by the fabulous Mel and Jill at ATDML Lots of really great challenges. Was a bit sad I couldn't go to Bonanza, couldn't afford it full stop. Orlando asked me to work, but travelling times and costs would have been a nightmare. So I settled in for a weekend of challenges instead and bloody enjoyed it! (and managed to win two of the challenges-yay!)
Anyway hope everyone is well-am still reading all of your blogs to keep up, but not posting a whole lot! Will update again very soon-honest!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

and now fo something a little different...

'effin 'ell!
I did it.
I succumbed.
At last.
Yes I did the effer dare!
I have been meaning to do a layout about my fave smells since like forever. So when I saw the latest dare, it pushed me to get it done.
And boy am I glad I did.
For someone who normally does clean and simple (ish) layouts, I let my arty, random side out in atc's altering and sometimes painting. Today I let loose and did it all on a layout. Bless the effers for making me do it-even if none of them are aware of it!
So- I painted a somewhat contemporary/abstracty version of tulips on acetate...and kinda shoved things around and plonked bits of paper on til I was happy.
And I am.
Really pleased I did this!
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Now- I realise my scent of choice is rather random-but it honestly is the best smell in the world-to me.
I love snuggling up with simba when I have showered him (normally followed by a blast with a hairdrier just cos he loves it) and burying my nose in his feathers. It really is a yummy smell!
So-thank you effer girls!

We are having a mini celebration of national scrapbook day at the lounge I know it is for the USA, but heck-we wanted to join in too!
So, on two days notice we have organised a mini cyber crop.
I have done two classes, and hope the girls will have a go- they are both really easy clases, but I hope it gets them thinking a bit!

Gonna submit this post now-before my laptop cuts out and I lose it all again!
Oh and huge congrats on a very worthy winner, noodle-our grand winner of the scrap yourself challenge (see kirstys blog for the layout)
ttfn ~x~

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tag you're it!

Been tagged by shell and anna cheers dolls! ok so here goes...

Five things in your fridge?
1. milk
2. cheese
3. simba's fruit bowl
4. pesto
5. drinking yogurt

Five things in your car?
Not my own car but:
1. kt tunstall tunes
2. disney sweeties
3. umbrella
4. sunglasses
5. socks!

Five things in your bag? (my bag is like a tardis-lol)
1. lip gloss-most important
2. purse
3. keys
4. ibuprofen
5. scrapbook inspirations magazine

Five things in your Wardrobe? (too much in fact it is a triple wardrobe and is at bursting point!)
1. my new brown and cream wrap dress
2. shoes...lots of
3. pashmina
4. my 'funeral' suit
5. my favest gypsy skirt

Five things you would watch on sky plus?
1. friends re-runs
2. old eppys of eastenders
3. music channels (love vh1 80s days!)
4. qvc craft days
5. a damn good film!

On my DVR or video player
1. lost
2. the green mile
3. friends
4. scary movie 3
5. harry potter

Five people I'm tagging: (if they haven't already been tagged)