Friday, September 21, 2007

new magnolia creation

with a golden retriever asleep on my feet, and not wanting to disturb him, I whipped up this little number yesterday (said dog is asleep on my feet again so thought I would blog too!). The light is so ridiculous today that I had to go in the garden to grab a pic, whilst praying the sudden gusts of wind wouldn't take my card away!
Supplies: magnolia stamp, papermill card (very much like bazzill *yum*), basic grey infusion paper, dovecraft brads, prima flowers, lots of punched and inked leaves, k&co letters to go, and a sparkly nailhead that was plundered from a belt!
The birthday present went down very well- the phrase *you know me too well* appeared lol- well yes!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

flying visit...

Just a quickie while I have five mins (ooerr)
Thought I would share a few bits that I have been up to (other than painting and shifting furniture about the bedroom!)

Magnolia cards- yes I was bitten by the bug that is magnolia!

This one was isn't finished, I coloured this using various inks, mm cosmo papers, treehouse memories paper, more yet to be added!

This one was coloured with watercolour pencils, MM papers, papermania brad, mm brad, cuttlebug die, studio g stamp

Last weeks ATF layout- on the theme of nicknames- this wasn't how I intended it to turn out but I wrecked it too many times to mention! Discovered a cool technique though, the hearts are made from funky foam embossed with a cuttlebug- how cool is that?! It only happened as I had both items in my hands and *ding* a little lightbulb shone above my wee brain! Poundland velvet alphas, Imagination project paper, ribbon and stuff!

ANNNNND I made a man card! (this is fairly unheard of!) This is to go with the gift below...junkitz paper, cuttlebug embossing folder, sizzix star die, studio g stamp, and a smidge of doodling

Now do I buy the best birthday presents or what?! LOL! It's a friends birthday, and he is rather tricky to buy for (although appreciative of everything). He would ideally live off coke and junk food, so for one time only his wish is my command! There is soooo much crap on that tray it is almost unbelievable! There is chocolate-so much, curly wurlys, twirls, dairy milk in various forms, toblerone, double deckers, (he loves footie too hence the choccy footballs), coke, cookies, jammie dodgers (well you have to dontcha), jaffa cakes, haribo, flumps, flying saucers...
I'll report back when I have given it to the recipient!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


In memory of those who lost their lives, their loved ones, to everyone touched by this terrible act, to the rescue services and volunteers -x-

Saturday, September 08, 2007

RIP sweet Alex

Today is a very very sad day for the parroting community.

A fantastic lady called Dr Irene Pepperberg bought a beautiful african grey parrot in 1977 from a pet store. She has made it her lifes work to see just how clever this species really is. Alex was the main subject of her work, and has been a friend and companion to her for the past 30 years.

Sadly, Alex passed away yesterday, cause unknown.

He was a truly remarkable parrot. He could recognise and name colours, shapes, objects (even from photographs) could count and was learning the alphabet. It wasn't 'parrot fashion' either. He would count the sides or corners of a shape to recognise what shape it actually was.

Having bought and studied books and videos of Irene's work with Alex, I was, at many times, truly awed by what they had achieved. It totally rocked the 'specialists' in the field of avian work.
To read about Alex you can visit the Alex Foundation

Alex was a true marvel and will be sorely missed- having lost a grey myself I truly understand the pain that Irene and the team are feeling right now :(
I am absolutely humbled by the work undertaken by the team, and forever thankful to them all (especially Alex) for proving that this species is really one of a kind :)
Fly high Alex -x-

(photo of Alex from the alex foundation)

Monday, September 03, 2007

ah bueno!

mmmmmmmm dontcha just love Italiano? Not long got home after a gorgeous evening. We decided to dine at Giani's this fair evening, it has been a gorgeous day and what better way to finish it off?

Great company, a dear dear friend of mine came along, I don't see him too often and he is always really good company :)

As it has been so sunny and warm I wore my newest dress, with a lil cropped cardi and actually felt somewhere near a million dollars...a bottle of wine and some beer later I felt a gazzillion dollars (so no apologies for typos in this post!). Y'see Giani cooks stuff fresh so you do wait a bit longer, but it is so worth it. It is so damn laid back...but it did mean that I was well on my way to being sozzled by the main course ;) I rarely drink due to a dodgy liver, so it doesn't take much to get me plastered! mwahaha! cheap date!

Starter: deep fried mozzarella sandwich (I shared a starter), pure artery clogging yumminess, main course: mushroom and cream rissotto *mwah* twas most bootiful, and then I shared dessert, strawberry pannacotta cos there was no way on earth I could fit in tirimasu! Fab evening :)

Deadlines are all finished too, mostly anyway which meant I could sit back and relax and soak up the Italian atmosphere, including the very Italian waitor singing a very (loud) italian version of ' just one cornetto' LOL!

Had an eye appt today, and considering how long my last appt was (had a lot of probs and a warning of neurologists refferals), this was a breeze. I decided it was time to get contacts again, I stopped before because they were so expensive with my astigmatism. Well god bless specsavers- less than HALF the price I was paying with the other opticians! AND he has fitted me for dailies. Although they are not perfect because of the angle of my astigmatism he has ordered me a few pairs to try out and see if they will work. I did not, however, appreciate him turning my eyelids inside out FOUR times! :O It does mean that I can wear sunglasses again (if we ever get any of that golden stuff!) which I am sure is responsible for my pre-wrinkles! Followed by a latte in a lovely italian cafe (do you see a theme- I am sure my dad is really some italian bloke, I even have olive skin) yumtiddlyscrum.

My new bed has arrived, so gotta ask Mart nicely to go pick it up, it is so damn pretty, can't wait to get all decorated :)

anyhoodle, nuff waffling, here is this weeks ATF layout, there is a prize this month too so get uploading yours :D

bazzill cs, paperchase wrapping paper which I am smitten with, doodlebug token, heidi swapp heart and tab, staples, paperchase stickers, angel kisses and brads