Friday, February 02, 2007

at long flippin last!

so after being MIA for a bit- was poorly (again!)- then blimmin blogger was not playing ball! I have been trying to update all week, and finally I am in! Its taken me an hour to get this far though! Ho hums!
So- the scraproom floor is down and is boootiful! Furniture is put together and am slowly organising stuff and getting straight!
Once I am sorted I will get some pics up.
On to better things- the beautiful Jennie bought me a most wonderful pressie- I got the product playground class from big picture scrapbooking! I so wanted to do the class but decided it was too much money to spend when I could be paying off my credit card bills from christmas! Lubs you hunny!
Next thing- I have been tagged by Jo-
6 weird things about me...shouldn't be too tricky!
1- I have double jointed toes- but not my big toes, and I have double jointed fingers but not thumbs!
2- I have obssesive compulsive disorders, that is about as weird as it gets lol!
3- I am allergic to antihistamines (only some- but go figure?!)
4- I am allergic to too much heat- some of my glands shut down and stop working in certain areas if I get too hot!
5- My hair and fingernails grow at a superhuman rate!
6- My eyes change colour with the seasons!

Anyhoodle- will try and update again- hoping to get my pc sorted- am working on the laptop at the mo which could be why I haven't been able to get in blogger, hope you are all well -x-

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Shirley said...

I haven't got your mobile number anymore but rest assured I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning at the bus stop and wishing you a happy day!