Tuesday, June 12, 2007

faaaaabulous day :D

So the 80th birthday bash was a roaring success :)
We started the day (at daft o'clock), went over to Nan's and restyled her hair in a similar style to the way the hairdresser did it- of course after 10 mins in the car with windows open it was all over the shop!

Off to Tonyrefail in Wales. This was where my Nan was born and raised. We went to the exact house, which has just been sold so had newspaper in the windows, therefore couldn't see a whole lot.

I have never heard my Nan talk so much! In a good way tho- this place is called this, we used to go here, I used to do this, I used to slide down that massive hill on a piece of cardboard...lol!

We had a little walk about, much reminiscing, and Nan decided she would like to go to the local cemetary to her parents grave but was very concerned that she had no flowers to take, BINGO there is always a somerfield close by lol- so we grabbed some flowers and off we went...
had to take a pic of this

Then off to the hotel for lunch, Nan had no idea, and walked straight past her surprise guests lol!

Amazing food and service

Gorgeous surroundings

The birthday gal

Then for some reason my brother decided we needed to go for a walk on Aber-something beach, beautiful clean sands and gorgeous warm water...

so Nan hoiked her skirt up and waded into the water in her tights! LOL!

My poor Mum got dragged into the water fully clothed by Victoria and then had to sit her sodden clothes all the way home!

Oh and of course, no trip to Wales (even tho it was mostly 28 degrees) is complete without some of this...

All in all a wonderful day to remember, a full memory card, and lots of tired people!


lyzzydee said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time, love the tiara shot brilliant!!

domestic goddess said...

goroues photo of your ana, looks like everyone had a ball