Saturday, August 11, 2007

today was a sad day in my little world. I ventured into town with one goal. To buy my first anti wrinkle product :( (shouldn't pull that face cos it'll make em worse lol)

Yes as I was putting eye make up on earlier I noticed the first little on my mission I went, and came back armed with eye cream and night cream. I'll beat the blighters! LOL! To make it worse Mart was looking at my passport the other day (I'd had it out for ID at an appt I had) and I can't believe how much younger I looked just 6 years ago! Still the sun is shining :D

Water is all on and sorted now, so that is a big relief, although we have enough bottled water to keep us going for months I reckon!

Fab news- ghost whisperer starts again on tuesday (9pm on living tv) cannot wait, seriously love this show!

MUST get hold of some new basic grey, I am smitten with periphery so will have to go shopping soon- although now I have to budget for the ageing process my stash fund will be cut *snort*

Nowt exciting been happenin, so a cutsey photo of simba swinging in for a smooch then spotting the camera and posing! Dontcha love the delicately positioned foot on my face?!


Cath said...

I bet they're so minute you can't even see them! LOL

Net said...

Just one wrinkle? Wow you're lucky....

Sue said...

Ditto what Net said!
you are much braver than me woman to let him sit on your face!!.........hang on he probably caused the lines! :)

Tracy said...

I love the photo! I bought my Mom an African Grey- he's called Zulu. I must confess that I had visions of a loving bird like yours, but he only has eyes for my Mom. I'm terrified of him- he has an evil air about him. I love your photo :)