Tuesday, October 30, 2007


it's been a really super hectic couple of weeks with lots of horrid things happening :(

I have been armed with my big shoulders for other people to use (that is what they are there for) and they have got very damp on more than one occasion lol!

Still- things are looking better- onwards and upwards eh?

So the preparations for halloween are underway, getting there slowly but tomorrow is gonna be manic- so much still left to do- 2 pumpkins to carve, witches kitchen jars to finish, decs to go up and so on...

managed to get the treat packages made up though, same as last year (so much easier to give each child a package rather than the shy ones taking one small treat and the greedy ones taking handfuls- this way they all get the same)

The lounge....

and the finished articles...

Last theme at ATF was pets and their owners...

supplies- papermill card, a fab gsd file that I cut on my robo but I am so sorry I cannot remember who made it- if you let me know I will edit with the correct credit to the creator, lots of angel kisses and primas, twinkly gems, and some craft robo letters that I layered up to give a bit of dimension and some brads

Had a flippin nightmare today- we inherited a pond from my brother the other week, so after shifting a couple of tonnes of soil we got it in, complete with plants and fish, it all went really well. The pump and filter system was all working great and the water was clearing nicely. So on Sunday we shifted another tonne or so of soil, and moved the pump and waterfall, all looking really nice, ready for the next stage in landscaping. So this morning I went to peg out the washing, and there is obviously a major leak somewhere, no idea where, but the water has dropped to almost half- in one day! So I have now spent the morning measuring and treating tap water (after carefully saving all the pond water and rain water so we didn't have to have any tap water in there at all), leaving it to get to the right temp, and am about to go and lug it all back down to the pond again. One is not amused! GRRR! Still Mart and I have had a lovely snuggly day *wub*

Will be back with the halloween updates as soon as I can!

ETA FOR KIRSTY: Last year we made up about 70 little packages like the ones above...we ran out and made up about another 30-40 and they all went too!


mmmbisto said...

Yikes, how many trick or treaters do you get over your way? We got none last year, possibly 1 the year before that lol!

Have a great Halloween!

Ali said...

Sending massive hugs to everyone and if you need an ear you know where I am


Ali and Levi