Thursday, November 15, 2007


sorry! Well actually thats a porker- I'm not really sorry! mwwahahahahaaaa! Been really busy- nec was great, I am skint! It was fab seeing my stamps for sale (even if Paul was saying that they are going on ebay cos he can't shift them the swine! LOL but thanks so much for all my goodies) really exciting and strange, and I took pics of them hung up on the stand for my own amusement! This is a big thing for me!
Spent a fortch, came back laden with goodies (over a hundred rubber stamps- the shame lol!)!
Met up with the ninja one, was fab to see her again, until next time Ginger!
Really missed the card fairy stand not being there any more *sob*

Anyway- am waiting for some news on something I can't possibly talk about *looks shifty* and I WANNA KNOW NOW!

gona go sort out laundry ad crack on with card orders- ttfn!


Anonymous said...

You know your stamps are great and we would be lost without you x x x Paul and Ali

TraceyT said...

sounds fab rena, i just got an ordre from ali and paul - yummy stamps and inks x were they your stamps I bought ?

domestic goddess said...

Hi hunny
i love your stamp designs!!
The bird is a felt coaster form John Lewis, but ssshhh dont tell anyone, mwah!