Thursday, May 29, 2008

here comes the bride dadadadaaaaaaa!

and all that stuff!
It has been super hectic here! House guests, both human and animal (current guest is Sparkle the super huge african land snail), christening, wedding, all associated appointments (mani/pedi etc) gift buying, birthdays and so on!
SO Sunday was THE day- christening first then on to the wedding.

Christening pics...

Laughter caused by Amelia SPLASHING with both hands in the font as she was being baptised (thankfully Rev Tim is so laid back, as long as the kids are safe they can wander around the church during the service etc) LOL! It was too funny!

Just look at her- she is such a little imp!

Parents, godparents and the most beautiful girlies (they really did look so so pretty)

So, christenings done, off to the wedding!

Always a cute kid to oblige with photos!

Confetti in the cleavage Chris?

Awww Groom blubbing! (sorry Rodg!)

Me and middle bridesmaid Caitlin, she had a whole box of toys and stuff in her place, and bless her she was so so excited about every single item! More impressed than she was with her dinner which she 'didn't ask for' LOL bless her heart!

More waffle to come soon- gotta go out in 2 minutes and am sat here with wet hair!

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Ali said...

Glad it all went well...even it was a little of a rush around!! The girls looked beautiful and I love that picture of Amelia...

So big congratulations all round, and of course Levi sends his love to "his girls!!"

Take care


Ali xxx