Monday, June 30, 2008


That's what I am - p o o p e d!
Had a mad few weeks in one way or another!
I have started my course, and been a good student and studying hard! Loving it!
I have had this god-awful-fluey-cold-tonsilitis-painful chest-cough-bug thing (that's the proper medical name for it yannow). Not loving it! It's really wiped me out to be honest, as well as having chronic hayfever on top of it. On that note though I got one of those medinose doobermies at the weekend, they are half price at lloyds at the mo, £15, and will be money well spent if it helps (you shove the probes up your nostrils which glow bright red and it inhibits the histamines released to combat the pollen- be warned- you do look like a loon, and family members will laugh and are not sympathetic to your plight! lol!)

Had some guest design team work to do for MTML Jackie sent the most gorgeous kit for me to play with and I just loved it-it even had BIRD stuff- YAY! Combine that with Jen Wilson and it is a total 'me' kit! I wished i had done some more bits (I may still do if I can find a nano second spare) but being ill really whipped my time away! Will pop some pics up once it is online at the store.

We had a very sad event last week- I went out to check and feed the fish in the pond, and all was fine. When I got home, from what I can establish, one of the koi managed to flip itself out of the pond and was deaded :( This was just in a few hours, and my nephew discovered it when he went out to see how the baby fish were doing (I found another new one yesterday too).
So, we decided that as that left just one koi, that he needed a friend, so we went off to Stroud yesterday (the only place I will buy the koi from) and came home with two more koi. One the same type as the original one left in the pond, and one silver one with orange spots! As I was a little concerned about the silver one being ostracised by the others I had to check with the staff at the shop who looked rather bemused at my concerns over racism from fish! LOL! As it is, the new blue one, and the original blue one seem to have paired up quite nicely, and silver one is schoaling with the goldies ;)

Here they are acclimatising in their bag, you can see original blue koi on the left (Misty- yes the koi have names!) checking out the new additions to be

One of my goldies (they are normally really camera shy!)

A Mother's meeting going on around the bag!


They have settled in really nicely, and are quite happy- they came up while I was feeding them today and weren't at all nervous :) I think they are to be called as follows- The silver one is Jasper, and the blue one is Samson. I think. that may change!

Been doing a bit of pottering in the garden (internet connections have been a total mare for the last couple of weeks- not sure what is going on but we have had days with no connection at all, so I have been forced outside into the real world!)
Baby corn is coming along fantastically, I chucked the seeds in a propogator two weeks ago and already they are about 8 inches tall, they went outside earlier so fingers crossed!
Strawberries- well, Simba is in his element, some days he can go through about half a dozen or so, and in the last week I have picked bowl fulls! Had some rasperries too. Sugarsnap peas are growing nicely, as is the mangetout and my second pot of garlic chives. These were all new additions two weeks ago, and for a change I have added a blueberry plant too. If you have a wyevale store near you, (presuming they all do the same offers) there was a promotion on the seeds, all seeds (apart from grass seed and bird seed!) are half price. So I have stocked up on more veggy seeds for next year.

New layouts are up at ATF on the theme of 'the soundtrack to your pets life' Now, with Simba, I often have to do a slightly different twist for my layouts to fit the theme, due to parrots having a totally different character to other pets. This is a good thing- it shows that you can adapt the themes to suit any pet! I decided to use his favourite songs, that he whistles and sings and dances to, and as I was writing the titles I realised just how apt they were for his personality! 'Don't worry be happy'- as he always is...'The great escape'...hmm need I say more?! LOL! even I was Bill Kaiser's batman (which is his favest fave song) reminds me of him hanging upside down from the door frames like a bat!

Anyhoodle- didn't intend such a mammoth post, and I still haven't wittered as much as I could lol so I shall save some for next time lol! *rolls eyes*
love n stuff x

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maddy hill said...

love the cards - especially the pop up one - gorgeous - and the birdies house - gorgeous - and the layouts - gorgeous ----- il just say i love it all shall i ?