Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, as brief as I can make it I shall try to explain my absence!

Apart from being generally manic...
My beautiful niece is very poorly, she has been transfered to Bristol Children's Hospital (over an hour away from home) and although she is making very good progress we still don't know what it is.
Up until Sunday, she was wheelchair bound...just couldn't walk or put any weight on her legs at all. They were totally 'numb' with no reflexes at all. She can walk a very small amount now, but still needs her chair. She has lots of other weird things going on as well (wont go into all that just now). She has had biopsies, needles galore, mri scans, lumbar puncture, and the list goes on, poor lamb.
She has had one diagnosis so far, vasculitis.
She has had consultants, toxicologists, opthamologists, neurologists, physiotherapists, again the list goes on.
Apart from all the horrid painful things they are doing to her, she is in really good spirits. The biggest request has been for Auntie Rena's homemade meringues in assorted colours!
So travelling back and forth to the hospital has been the main part of my life for the last few weeks. Poor kid had only started secondary school a couple of days before being admitted too (she has been in three hospitals over the last couple of weeks!)

I have seen my consultant, and shall be having surgery within the next six weeks too. Have to go to Cirencester to have it done (not sure how long it will take to get there, about 45 mins I guess- but I have my pre op assessment two weeks before so will time it all then) but there are bonuses to me having surgery there rather than Cheltenham. If I have it booked in for chelt, my bed will get bumped for someone else as they do a lot of surgery on cancer patients, so they will take precidence with my bed (and so it should be)- so going to Ciren will avoid that. I will be in for less time if I go to Ciren too- that was the clincher! Mart has been just gorgeous about it all, so reassuring and loving and wonderful. Love that man x

Managed to drop my mobile in my mug of tea yesterday and it is not happy- so if you try to get hold of me and I ignore you that is why!

Lost the second koi :(
Managed to save the remaining koi- fish are all doing well now after two rounds of treatment, took koi over to see my nice chap for a scrape and scope, and he is doing good :) On the way back some pillock smashed into the back of the car. Thankfully no real damage, but a mammoth headache, neck and back ache for me! Koi was fine though thank God!
Spent ages watching the fish this morning and counted NINE babies! Seriously gonna have to extend the pond if they carry on breeding like that!
Bought lots of new stuff for the fish, a pond vac, new pump, new filter, uv light...skint much?!

So our new mantra- one on my mirror that I look in every morning to brush my hair...

One in a frame on the windowsill,

and Mart has one in his van (where he spends the majority of his time!)

ATF went live last week, I can't be arsed to find mine just now so you can see it there lol!
So other than minor stuff, such is my life just now! *See* you all when I can x


Paula Sealey said...

Aww sweetie, so much going on! Hugs for your niece and good luck for you with the surgery.

Love those keep calm signs:)

Ali said...

Oh hun that is so worrying about your niece, please send her lots of love from us all and special kisses from Levi (I am sure he made her run around the garden 100 times with her!!) Hope it all turns out to be nothing serious and she is back to herself soon.

Glad that your date is through and hope that all goes smoothly

Take care and speak to you soon

Ali and Levixxx

Oh yeah and Paul

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

Hope your niece is recovering and they have found out what is wrong with her.
Thank you for taking part in my blog candy giveaway....