Monday, February 16, 2009


well I made it...just!
so, my birthday was...interesting!
There was sooooo much snow! Like, heaps of it. (just like the day I was born!)

I had a nice day all in all, I didn't open anything until the evening as I just couldn't face it! More on that in a mo...

Had a gorgeous lunch at hotel du vin, I don't have the photos of that yet as numpty here didn't take her camera, so they are all on Mum's.
Indulged in pimms, the best chips in the world (seriously, if you ever go to hotel du vin you must sample their fat cut chips...yummers) and as I was in full blown wrinkle meltdown I...erm...might have gone a bit mad in espa (downstairs in the hotel)£270 mad! *blushes*
It comes in such a pretty bag though!

On the subject of bags...some of my gorgeous pressies...
I had one of these; from one of my most favourite shops in the whole wide world (bless you Amy for driving all the way to Chipping in the piles of snow to get me this *mwah*)

Also had one of these...LOVE this!

and one of these (thanks Chris)
and one of these (thanks Chris again!)
and the msot of these...
containing one of these (and yes, it is very real!)
as well as loads of other gorgeous gifts, cards, texts, messages, emails, phonecalls and visits. Thank you all for making my day of horror far more bearable, and actually something I could enjoy :)

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**Leanne** said...

Glad you had a good day :)
you have a great blog here
keep up the good work :)