Sunday, May 24, 2009

may I introduce...

Tilly (the turkey neck cos she is rather bald love her)


Ruby Roo


and Lola the showgirl


naughty lil tinker in my tomato plants lol


This mornings offering, one was very soft shelled and broken (only to be expected) but this one is perfect bless them


They are a bit unsure of things this morning, so they are still in the shed (permanent home is coming on Tuesday) I ordered a house and attached run but the shop didn't bother to let me know it was out of stock until Thursday when I rang them to see where it was (it should have been here Wednesday) so I have another on order with someone else, they will have a bigger run on the grass, and then free range when I am out with them. So in the midst of all of this I had to sort a house out, so I have converted half the shed for now. They have the door open at the mo, with a piece of board against the doorway to keep them in, let a bit of sunshine in, and some fresh air. Lola is asleep with her bum in the sun bless her!

Many many thanks to Amanda, who went in and rescued this batch of chooks yesterday. She brought them all back to her house and had them set up under a gazebo in her garden. It was so beautiful to see all the girls with grass under their feet as it should be, and making the cutest lil chirruping noises! The journey was obviously too much for my three beauties, who were all snoozing in the boxes when we got home! They soon sprang to life when they were brave enough to come out of the boxes and onto the grass in my garden (and stones, borders, tomato plants, strawberry they all had a good drink, ate some woodlice, carried some stones, headbutted the metal rotary line pole, tapped on was all totally alien to them but they loved it!

I may not be able to offer these girls acres of fields to range on all day, but what I can offer them is more love than they have ever known, and hopefully a long and happy stress free retirement.
If anyone thinks they can help, please contact Little Hen Rescue

On a final note, ATF went live again last night. 'Parent's' was the theme. As Simba has never had a baby, mine was about him being a Mummy's boy!

ttfn, off to check on my chooks x


Katy said...

Aw bless em!! They look pretty well feathered and not too traumatised! I still have a couple less feathery than that! Well done you on giving them a new life - and enjoy your egg!

SharonK said...

Well done for giving these babies a home. It is heartbreaking to see them like this. Give them four weeks and they will look beautiful. I have 7 ex batts (was 8 one got lost!):o( Love these little hens.

SuzyB said...

Howdy. Dropped by from link on UKS. I love reading about ex batts, I got my Easter week and now I just want to read about them, talk about them and take photos of them. Sadly we lost one a couple of weeks ago but it was lovely to know she spent her last few weeks in comfort. Its a great cause.

CleverCrafter said...

Oh they look adorable and I know they will live the life of luxury now...great news on the egg, are you going to blow it and keep it?

Take care and give then hens a little treat from me1!

Reel Girl said...

If I lived in the UK, my yard would be filled with these girls!

(Is there a similar group in the US?)

Please keep us all posted!!