Monday, June 15, 2009

Lola post! (image heavy)

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates, but I have had a very poorly Lola :( Not only did she have a wonky leg but then she suddenly went downhill. She was so miserable and mopey all the time, constantly (pretty much) sleeping, went off her food totally, and I didn't know how to help her. I took her to the vets and we decided to try antibiotics first as she couldn't find anything outwardly wrong with her. Now, I am not one for using antibiotics as a general give-it-a-go remedy but was at a loss, and didn't want to have to give her anaesthetic for xrays, diagnostics, blood work etc if I could help it just yet.
She had a weeks worth to take, and joy of joys they were huge TABLETS! Argh! Getting tablets into a chicken on your own is no fun I can tell you! I couldn't even add it to food as she wouldn't eat anything (other than a few live mealworms I managed to get down her but then she wouldn't take those either).
She finished the course on Thursday, and was still much the same (although in that time her wonkyness is pretty much gone...makes me wonder if it is connected).
Anyway, I let them all out on Saturday morning, cue three girls falling out of the door in desperation to get out (very funny) and I commented that Lola looked a little brighter and more awake.
Well, we totally turned a corner with her on Saturday, I lost five hours in the garden with them as they were all having such a wonderful time! They completely and utterly trashed the garden big time! But, they enjoyed it so much I left them to it ;)
The real turning point was when I saw Lola keeping up with the other girls, not stopping and sleeping, and when she went into the house and ate some food I was over the moon (and shed a tear).
The following pics made me sob, to see her so happy and well was just amazing, these girls have been through absolute hell, and then with Lola being so poorly, to see her acting this way was the most amazing feeling :) She found an empty seed tray and set to work...







almost there...


totally gone!


It made me realise just how much these little girls have stolen my heart :) *wub*

Yesterday I set to work on sorting the garden after Saturday's devestation, I am shattered today! The girls 'helped' by digging, and finding woodlice (yum yum). Jess 'helped' by finding a doormouse for me, which I duly rescued (for a cat she is very good and never hurts them) then I found this little mite, just chilling...



as the girls were out, I decided to try and help this one back to the pond (chooks are a bit partial to a snack of frog) which was all well and good until it jumped down my cleavage! LOL!

Final note, ATF went live last Saturday with the theme of 'your pet as a work of art'
I used a photocopy filter in photoshop, then played with the hue and saturation
Sorry for wonky pic!


I haven't yet found the cable to upload the pics from the other weekend, shall keep hunting!

ttfn x


Lalabi-baby said...

So glad Lola is perking up now .... with your TLC she will be fighting fit in no time. Just been chasing our girls round the garden to get them back into the run .... they too were having such a great time grubbing around in the borders they were very reluctant to go back in. Looks like a storms brewing round our way so wanted to get them inside. x

GlitteryKatie said...

eat piccies Correna- lovely to see Lola enjoying herself!!

Reel Girl said...

That final pic of Lola sleeping is so precious! So glad she is perking up!

CleverCrafter said...

Great news that lola is picking up, I was a little worried when I saw the preview on my dashboard as it looked like she was in a roasting tin!!!

Love to all

Ali and levi

fifib said...

OMG I wasn't sure what was happening with Lola, I was hoping she wasn't gone, so pleased she was sleeping.

Fiona x