Tuesday, September 19, 2006


does it all go wrong when i need to scrap! Short and sweet- second of two layouts I did, the other won't scan properly so will photograph tomorrow.
So- first of all the printer decides to start chucking everything out in some weird turquoise colour, so I went with it for one layout, and managed to do this one with black ink (eventually) had totally run out of oomph by this layout! Tinted the pics with pens, and tried to use up some older stash! Everything went a bit wrong while scrapping, I ran out of stuff, ruined stuff, spilled a pot of manky water with gesso in it all over my desk- and then just lobbed stuff on the page and gave up! As a result I don't like this layout- but that isn't what matters- at least the journaling is done, and it can go into an album with my other top 5 pages!

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Sweet Shirleen said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy yourself , but actually I love the LO!