Tuesday, October 17, 2006

all in the name of science...

So I've been a bad blogger AGAIN! Partly because I haven't felt like I had much to share, and partly because I just couldn't be arsed!
However- I've made an extra special effort today for the 'BIG BLOG' details here if you wanna do it properly
So nothing exciting- just a bog standard whitter of a post today- but all in the name of science. or should that be history?!

So my day thus far;
Fed animals, well cat and parrot anyway cos chilla gets fed at night. Drank coffee. surfed on forums. and been cracking on with my album from emily's class t'other week. waiting for gesso to dry at the mo so thought i would do a quick blog entry now. Oh and done some pottering in the garden- picked some more tomatoes- there are still more waiting to ripen too- shows how mild it must be still!

Mart came over yesterday and I think we have sorted a LOT of stuff out. I wouldn't let him come round before because he had upset me. turns out he never had the op (not sure if i mentioned all that palava on here- if not then ignore this bit lol) and couldn't understand why i had been so off with him *duh* anyway things are all good for the moment, so gonna see how things go for now.

Oh major excitement- I won not only the AMM tote prize at scrapstars (so chuffed with that!) BUT I also won Paulas challenges too! Thanks peeps!

signing off for now- I've done my bit! Gonna find a random pic to leave you with!
Oh I know- check this out- found this stunner in a garden centre on the way back from stonehouse, and I want to buy it- a mere £300! Love it though- it is all games themed, there are dice strung into the necklcae, playing cards stuffed down the top of the corset- just LUSHNESS!


Anonymous said...

Renaaaa, that's my corset, I donated it to the garden centre, dint I tell you, lol???? I wish eh? Nice to see you back on lovely. Beth XX

Suzanne said...

lush yes, worth £300, no way! You could do just as good a job yourself!