Saturday, October 07, 2006

it's been

a doodly kinda week!
Had a mad dash on to get a photo candle made up for someone ready for a wedding tomorrow. I made it with about a minute to spare- phew-and they were over the moon with it. I normally make them over about a week, allowing plenty of time for each stage, I had one morning to get this one done!
As a result, I have been asked to teach this on a forum, sadly the method I use is far too complicated to try and teach online, so I have worked out a much simpler process, and will provide a kit for those who wish to take the class. So while I was at it, I showed them to a friend, and have now been asked to teach *in real life* at a day of classes later in the year- sadly I don't think it will be possible, as it is just too far- still looking into it though, so as a compromise I have said the class can be taught by somebody else, and I will make the kits and instructions up. So flattered to be asked though :)
So, back to the doodly-ness! After feeling all fired up after the classes I took last weekend, I needed to get painty inky and messy, so put one of the pages I was taught last week by emily into a scrapbook layout (not the actual page just a duplicate). While I was feeling so arty still I decided to add more doodles to any random layout/card/desk I found along the way!
So here are the last layouts from Paulas challenges, had great fun doing these thank you Paula, and I can't find one of them online so can't have actually uploaded it *duh* so there are three to come in one go!

Five things that make you angry: or in my case, things that make you go grrrrr!
1- two faced-ness
2- lies
3- animal cruelty
4- british weather- I mean come on make your mind up which season you are in and stick to it!
5- whinging for no reason

Five words to describe myself:
1- creative
2- loving
3- messy
4- friendly
5- loyal
Bonus 'me' points for using my notch and die tool *yay me*

ok blogger will totally not let me upload the last one so will go upload to photobucket.....tum ti tum..... and as soon as I threaten that it uploads as if by magic!

This is the one I did after emilys class and I LOVE IT- not the kind of thing I normally do but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.
Rather than just doing my fave 5 things, I did that which are:
1- family
2- simba
3- love
4- scrapbooking
5- pets
but then went around the heart, starting at the top centre part of the heart and added loads more fave things
went wild with the photos and sanded like mad, then doodled on and around the photos- love it!


Paula said...

They're all gorgeous, especially the heart one. I'm so glad you've enjoyed playing along:D

Anonymous said...

layouts are fab, as were your candles - i'd be interested in a kit class :@)

Anonymous said...

Ooh fabarooney my lovely, well done, and well done on the candle project too. Beth XX

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

oooh - love the way you've made that heart page from Emily's class all your own. xxx

Ali said...

Love it all hun!! Brilliant. Would love to do a candle as they look amazing!!

Take care and kisses to Simba

Ali and Levi xxxx

joanna said...

That's fab about being asked to teach your candle technique, Rena - can I come and have a lesson??!! Lovely layouts, darl xx

greyparrot said...

course ya can jo! Anytime hunbunch!

toya said...

cool pages, looks really good

Anonymous said...

wow rena love these LO's
now I know why you told me to doodle around a heart lol
you are too talented when it comes to doodling

em said...

ooooh, i LOVE how you did this! the journalling looks so cool, i just love seeing tons of handwriting like that, gives me tingles :)
you are such a sweetie - so glad we met!
e xx
ps ivy says hi! ;)

Suzanne said...

oh wow they are all totally gorgeous!