Sunday, December 24, 2006

what a whirlwind!

Yes- my life that is!
The biggest news is that Amelia made her grand entrance to the world last Friday. Exactly one week late and once she decided it was time to come she didn't hang about!
Amy rang around lunchtime to say she was having little pains, more than braxton hicks, but not full blown contractions, since the morning. They went for a walk on the hills, came back, and they got stronger and closer together. So she came round...had several contractions in my kitchen, hall and driveway, and left for the hospital at about 1.30...Amelia was born at 3.09! Nice work kid! She is an absolute stunner, and I love her so very much already! She is a little minxster though- me thinks she may be trouble! Jasmine stayed at mine for the weekend to give Amy a bit of time to get used to the new arrival without a very highly strung 6 year old about, so J and I had a girlie sleepover night- popcorn, crisps, sweets etc and a dvd in bed. Followed by two birthday parties the next day. She was a flippin angel, for saying I have never ever seen her that excited in her life, and she was here two nights- a total darling!
Amelia was weighed on Thursday and is still 8lb which was her birth weight, so that is FAB news! Feeding well, awake a LOT but oh so gorgeous!

J's first cuddle with her new baby sister-
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Fairly sorted for christmas now, busy day tomorrow, loads of visitors due, and people round for dinner. Cemetary to visit, pressies to deliver- but at least the majority of the wrapping is done!
Have a fab crimbo one and all :D


Beth said...

Lovely photo of Amelia and Jasmine. Hope you've had a lovely day today too, with lots of goodies to eat and present to open. Beth XX

Anonymous said...

aw aren't they both gorgeous x