Thursday, January 04, 2007

back again!

I am well aware at just how lucky I have been! The shingles haven't been half as bad as I thought they were going to be. I have seen people so very ill with them- and I really thought I would be as bad.

But I wasn't.

Thank the Lord!

Feeling much better already- totally exhausted still, very itchy still, but the blisters are healing really well- feel a bit fluey, and a bit of pain but nothing drastic- but other than that- fine!

My niece, nephew and sis-in-law all have it- and possibly my brother, so they are all quaratined at their house!

So- Christmas was ok- bit stressful for reasons I shan't go into here, but I survived it! I got lots of yummy pressies, will take some pics of my new dress forms- this is becoming a serious obsession yannow!

And of course, I got my new hat- and just for anna, I have pics! Not the original hat I said I would photograph- but my new purty one I had for crimbly day! (with matching scarf!)-and a big pouty crimbly kiss too!

Had mucho fun playing limbo with the kids on christmas evening.

when I say playing, what I mean is, I watched them, took pics, and laughed at them.

A lot!

It is seriously cool- it plays music, and if you knock the bar- it tells you so! In a wonderfully fake Jamaican accent! ROFL!

The calendar I made for Mum was a hit- she really loved it- will get some pics of that- I was finishing it off at silly o'clock christmas eve so didn't have time before wrapping it!
Oh and I did get one of my God daughters to do a lovely christmas message for you all, but ran out of time and it didn't get uploaded- so a very belated christmas message for you- I have to upload it cos its so darn cute! Sadly as with all the vids I upload it is out of sync- but still cute!


Shirley said...

Awwwww she is soooooooo COOT!!

Put her in a box and send her to me NOW!!!

domestic goddess said...

looking tres glam hun, hope you get over tehse shingles good and proper take care babes
off to watch your vid later
big hugs