Wednesday, January 17, 2007

art journal

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you check out Emily's art journal challenge- a WHOLE YEAR! And I'm so gonna do it!
Here is my week one and two, and as I got 'spare' cards in my deck, and just happened to find this rub on quote complete with paint splatters I though I would do a cover/intro card, just to remind me of why I am doing this journal, and making changes in my life for the better, a kind of physical version of positiveness :)

the cover/intro card-

week ones prompt was 'was makes you proud?'
I painted the card, added crackle glaze, then rubbed
gold paint on top, wiped the excess off then added
lettering and a stamp.

week twos prompt was 'what is powerful
to you?' To me, love, in all its various guises
is powerful. So after painting this card, masking
a heart off and overpainting (though the colour looks
awful in the scan) I added the 'love' sticker to the
heart and journaled 'if I have love in my heart I can
achieve anything' added a bit of doodling, and scratched
some hearts into the paint et voila.
The bonus being that my little studio is all packed up right now so I am creating using whatever scrappy bits I can find! This is the only way I am getting to craft right now! I managed to find an old cigar box, and have painted that ready for my cards to sit in. I am planning on punching holes in the cards and hanging them on a bookring too so they are all in order!
TTFN blogettes -x-


suebaru said...

Bugger! Planned my card in my head earlier ,for this week, and it will look pretty similar to yours!!

TraceyT said...

love your cards - they're great x yet to start my second one !

valerie said...

love these hadn't thought about doing a cover card what a good idea

Emily Falconbridge said...

oooh, i love your cards! so artsy and fun - i am sure you are having fun using up all those little bits and pieces- makes you more creative i think! can't wait to see what else you do!

lisa said...

very nice indeed, love you heart album too

Angela said...

Wow, your work is fab!

Sue said...

LOL second one was "Love" too .Not as pretty as yours though...gorg

Christi Snow said...

These are beautiful!!! smiles...

Mel said...

Love the cards - I so want to do this but whether I will actually get around to it is another matter entirely! Mel x

Beth said...

Looked at your cards the other night, and forgot to comment, DOH! So here I am commenting.....they are really swell, love 'em. Love Beth XX

Di said...

Fabulous, your cards are gorgeous!

joanna said...

Lovin' your art journal, hun - is looking b'yoodiful. Hope you're feeling better, Rena - I know you've been feeling manky, hun. Also, I have tagged you - soz :D xxx