Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Still alive!

Thought I'd better pop in to let you know I haven't died!
Things have been really manic, so much on all at once, then Friday I was struck down in my prime with a horrid bout of tonsillitis!
Still- I didn't let it stop me (I had no choice!) and carried on as much as I could, although I did feel somewhat drained.
Anyhoodle- am better now, and trying to catch up with deadlines and stuff one by one!
Quickish post today, I should be able to update more regularly now (once I am all caught up with other stuff), got a new whizzy (PINK!) laptop (thank you direct line!), so I am surfing at speed once again. Blogger was a total nightmare on the desktop, everything was so much bloody hard work on there and soooooo s l o w!
Hope all is well with everyone...catch ya laters!


Jaffers said...

Yay, Reenie lives!!!

Beth said...

Hellooo lovely, I knows you is still alive and just about kicking, hee, hee. Hope eww tonsils are betta now. XX

Jo said...

Hi Correnna :) Glad you are feeling better :) The bird paper on the card on my blog is BG pheobe - Japanese Tea Garden, fab cos it comes in 6x6 and 12x12 :)

jo xx

Jo said...

gosh sorry for the typo in your name, fingers not going as fast as my brain!

jo xx

domestic goddess said...

she is alive!!
hi hunny hope you are recovering form all your bugs!!