Saturday, September 08, 2007

RIP sweet Alex

Today is a very very sad day for the parroting community.

A fantastic lady called Dr Irene Pepperberg bought a beautiful african grey parrot in 1977 from a pet store. She has made it her lifes work to see just how clever this species really is. Alex was the main subject of her work, and has been a friend and companion to her for the past 30 years.

Sadly, Alex passed away yesterday, cause unknown.

He was a truly remarkable parrot. He could recognise and name colours, shapes, objects (even from photographs) could count and was learning the alphabet. It wasn't 'parrot fashion' either. He would count the sides or corners of a shape to recognise what shape it actually was.

Having bought and studied books and videos of Irene's work with Alex, I was, at many times, truly awed by what they had achieved. It totally rocked the 'specialists' in the field of avian work.
To read about Alex you can visit the Alex Foundation

Alex was a true marvel and will be sorely missed- having lost a grey myself I truly understand the pain that Irene and the team are feeling right now :(
I am absolutely humbled by the work undertaken by the team, and forever thankful to them all (especially Alex) for proving that this species is really one of a kind :)
Fly high Alex -x-

(photo of Alex from the alex foundation)

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