Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy mothers day :) Hope all you mammies are well and truly spoilt :)

Had a gorgeous day friday- nearly 5 hours of pampering and slumping in the bar. Had an espa facial, arm/hand massage, neck shoulder chest top of back all massaged too as part of the facial, then apart from the gorgeous face part, the most wonderful head massage too. I have never ever been so relaxed, and yesterday I struggled a bit- I was pretty much good for nothing! I have real trouble relaxing, so it was very good for the body and soul. Plus who doesn't feel great about spending over £300 on pampering and not having to worry about the cost?! LOL! It really was heaven! And my skin is still glowing!

Grey and dreary here, lots to do so a quick post with another film poster...mwahaha!

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