Friday, November 21, 2008

thank you...

...for the get well wishes. Progress is of course a little slower than I hoped for *pfft* but I am doing well. I have to keep reminding myself that although it is fairly minor on the outside, the inside has indeed had major surgery! This is mostly for me to refer to- feel free to skip it!
So, I can bend a very little bit, but things like feeding the cat are impossible (don't worry, Mum is feeding her for me I'm not starving her!), can't lift much yet either, it feels like someone is trying to pull my insides apart when I try.
I am increasing things bit by bit, yesterdays task was to wipe the bars of the parrot cage, which was fine, can't do the trays at the bottom as I can't lift them, but that is todays task, with some help of course.
I can finally lie on my left side, which is the non-cut side, after sleeping on my back for a week (which I never do- always sleep on my right side typically) it is bliss. I have to wedge myself in a little nest of cushions to stop myself twisting and turning too much, that was mainly because when I got onto my side it felt like my organs were falling to the side (and I have to remember I have clips and stitches internally)! It's so bloody fun! *rolls eyes*
Cabin fever got the better of me by Wednesday, so I got Mum to take me over to asda, we had tea there (bonus- no cooking) and hoped to get some pressies...well £70 later and not much Christmas-ness to show for it, I felt so much better for the change of scenery!
My concentration is now much better...anaesthetic has a lot to answer for! So I am doing a bit of hand sewing, and can pootle about online now, I couldn't settle to do anything for quite a while-not even read!
I have just discovered that I now cannot tolerate cheese :( Not happy about that, maybe it will improve with time, I dunno.
Swelling is still ridiculous, my tummy is huge, although it has gone down a bit, my trousers that were huge on me before surgery, I still cannot do them up, so am living in pj bottoms in the house.
Split one of my wounds the other night too, it was a part of my bellybutton wound (typically, as I hate bellybuttons, freaks me out big time!) I think what happened was that I wasn't too careful at keeping it dry in the shower, and this part was glued together and the glue has disolved. Need to be really careful with that now, although it looks fine.
Simba has been a total angel- it must all be very strange for him, for the first time ever, someone else had been making his breakfast, his cage was cleaned differently, various people looking after his Mummy, and he has been wonderful love him. I am sure he knows something is wrong with me, as he has been so very very gentle with me, and listening to my commands first time every single time. *wubs*

Anyhoodle, enough boring waffling!

As I haven't been able to sit at my desk to scrap, I made a digi layout for this weeks ATF theme. It's a touch tongue in cheek, but at least I managed to join in, I haven't missed a single upload yet, and glad I didn't have to miss out on this one. The theme was 'stories'. I haven't done a digi layout for aaaaages, and really enjoyed it :)

This is from the upload before, and was altered art. So I made a photo necklace of my gorgeous wee man



jakey said...

Aw... sweetie, i'm so sorry to realise you've been poorly, but glad you're on the mend now and everyone's looking after you and Simba.

gentle get well hugs from me
jk xxxx

Paula S said...

Glad to hear things are getting a little easier comfort wise.

Love the layout and that gorgeous charm!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

hey Reeeeeeeeens
whats this?
Who has been opertaing on your tumky?
Hope you are ok love, I havent blog hopped ot you in ages and it serves me right. Will check in often now..... sorry you was in pain :(
Kirsty x

Reel Girl said...

I hope this post finds you feeling better and getting stronger!
One thing in your post really "stuck out" for me - your comment about not liking belly buttons!
I have a "belly button thing" too! and in high school I had a boyfriend who didn't have a belly button!!
His father was a surgeon, and was the doctor who delivered him. Instead of the regular belly button knot, his father sewed a tidy "X" over the spot! It was just soooo odd the relationship was doomed to failure!
I am sure Simba cannot wait till everyone is gone and you are all his again!
(A True Friend Blog)

angel said...

GP are you ever gunna post again? .......

Happy new year Honey, & thanks for your help with OH Christmas pressie, he loved it. :-)