Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm back- mammoth post for Angel lol- parental advisory there are sweary words!

Gosh- where to begin! Well since my last post, I am healing very well, had to go and have my stitches removed as my body was trying to reject one of them so I thought I had an infection, she couldn't remove one of the stitches, but she trimmed it right back and a week later it came out on its own. So I was thinking I have no stitches when a week ago I found another one! I got the bugger out though lol, so I don't think I have any left now!

Since then I got struck down with this awful flu going round. I was in bed for days (which I just don't do), and it was just horrid- anyone else who had it, has my sympathy. I had such random symptoms with it, earache, which I never get (even when I had an ear infection!), sickness, diarrhoea (TMI lol), aches, shakes, fever, cold, cough, VILE!
So then, before I know it Christmas is right there and I am not organised in the slightest!

Random rant- our sky hd box is bust, so we didn't have many channels, and they can't come out til the 31st even though we rang them a week and a half /two weeks before Christmas. The tv has been shocking anyway- just how many carry on films do they think I want to watch?! The Royle family was FAB though-I laughed all the way through it.

I made this to go on my Grandad's grave for the Christmas visit to the cemetary, I miss him SO much.


I managed to get Simba a cute stocking this year, and as usual his toys wouldn't fit, so they overflowed onto the fireplace! He wasn't too fussed with opening things this year, too much going on bless him. He had some yummy treats too which he has started to demolish!

This is Jessica's stocking, she couldn't wait to get into it, she sat very patiently next to it though and waited for a human helper! She scoffed loads of treats on Christmas morning, forgot to chew them in her excitement and got one stuck in her throat! *rolls eyes*

She went mental over these mice, a set of three leather rodents. We had leaping and twisting in the air with them, she was hiding them under her tummy and all sorts- I didn't realise they had catnip in them which explains it...I thought she was just a bit kinky with a leather fetish! LOL!

I bought this pad of notelets for my Mum, they are a huge hit!
When we go to take my Nan's shopping, we have to park in a small layby, as she lives in a Close with no road. If you park properly there is enough room for five cars, but some eejits keep parking the wrong way round so you can only get two cars in (they don't even live there), which means we often get blocked in, or have to park far away and lug the heavy shopping a long way. Even worse is when we have my Nan with us, and have to make her trek, which, when you are registered disabled is NOT fun.

As usual a mahoosive Christmas dinner, most of the pics are on Mum's camera, which I have here but can't find a lead to upload so will add those another time. So I am not in this pic, mwahaha! We had extra guests this year, which I was a bit apprehensive about- but all was fine, and we all had a lovely time :)

This is Simba tucking into his dinner. He had already demolished his sprouts (he adores them) and yorkshire pud (we have them with everything lol) and had moved onto a turkey bone. It was bliddy huge and he was doing some fab weightlifting with it! Too funny! He managed to balance it on his perch as it was just too heavy for him, the little love! I know it is somewhat cannabalistic, but it is good for him, and packed with calcium (and quite simply he just loves it!) Blurry pic, due to massive excitement levels!


The tree (after most of the pressies were demolished), and some of my fave decs (can you spot the theme LOL it is soooo me)





And saving the best decoration til last *awwwwwwww*


On Boxing day we went over to my brothers, my nephew got two BB guns for Christmas. Now, I think I rocked the boat a bit, as they were coming to mine on Christmas evening, and I asked him not to bring them. I don't like guns at all, in any form, and won't allow them in the house for many reasons, apart from anything, as I discovered on Christmas morning at my Nan's when I was shot with one of them (i wasn't the only one either) as they thought the magazine was empty, it is just too dangerous around my animals and I won't risk it. As it was he spent most of the time in another room on the wii anyway.
So back to Boxing day, we went round and my Mum thought she would get in on the action and shoot some toy soldiers! Hillarious!


As a final note- (I'm tired now and think I have given myself RSI with all this typing) our local pier shop are selling off their fixtures and displays. I snagged this little lot for a fiver plus I have another of the trays too- they are really thick perspex. They have massive shelf units at around £200 depending on the size, spinners, wire bins for a tenner, loads of stuff.

Anyhoodle, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas xxxx


angel said...

I love the pebble. so sweet.

WOW........ what a lovely post, well done. :-)
Sorry you have been poorly. :-(
I was poorly too ya know......
Love the stockings for the ickle pets sooo sweeeet.:-)
I can just see the puddy Jessica flinging herself round the room after all that catnip!!!!!
I bet Simba was proud of his stuff even if he didnt wrap his beak round them till he could be "bovvered".:-)
And whats all that about Turkey legs that just sick!!!! .... lol.
I bet they are so funny to watch. *smile*

I dont blame you with the gun thing either, i wouldnt have them near my pets, even though they deserve a shot up the a*se sometimes [well most of the time actually...lol].

Dont know about you but i have RSI just commenting on your post.... lol .....


Thanks for a great read Honey.....
X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Elaine said...

Great post, loved reading all about your Christmas.
And we had Yorkshire puds too LOL

Love and blessings

LazyKay said...

LOVE the parking sign!

Love the artistic stuff too and the pics.

Happy new year and keep up the inspriation and humour!


Net said...

Nice to hear you're feeling better hon.

Simba looks gorgeous as ever!

Now a super place for parrot toys is pine4parrots - the girls love them and they are super safe too. ;))

Beth said...

Helloooo lovely, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, I've just been reading about your op, I can't believe you were in so much pain, poor you. Glad they're out now and you are back on the road to recovery. Are you on same mobile number? Take care XX