Monday, April 27, 2009

lotsa pics not many words

cos that is the kinda mood I am in today!
Been doing lots of hand stitching due to my lack of a working sewing 'chine!

Kitchen is nearly there...

and a cute lil bag I bought yesterday for £2 at Sudeley Castle's grand spring sale (along with some other pretties and some mac and toofaced make up!)

ATF is up, and this theme was 'Friends' here is mine; Simba and Jess playing together on the floor. They are a funny pair, sometimes they are lovely together and sometimes Simba will shout at Jess, and Jess will 'smack' Simba (never any claws involved though!)


CleverCrafter said...

Oh very nice!!! Do you need it all updated with a soggy tail!!

SharonK said...

Fab, fab, fab blog, just discovered it, sewing, craft and hens all my faourite subjects, will be back often.

GlitteryKatie said...

BEAUTIFUL stitching Correna!