Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Charm tutorial

Just a short one for our toothfairy ;)

A note about jumprings- when you open them you should do it sideways, pushing/pulling it apart, not stretching it out as this will weaken the ring. Look at this pic to see how it should look when open.

OK let's go! To make a simple charm:
Take an eyepin (you can use a headpin too but won't be able to add a 'dangler' on the end) and thread your beads on. Using pliers make a loop on the end to stop the beads falling off.

Attach a jumpring to your dangling charm, and add to one end of the eyepin. Add another jumpring on the opposite end, and attach the the lariat.

To make 'jumbly' charms!
Thread heapins with beads, and make a loop in the end of the pin as before.

Cut a small length of chain, and attach headpins with jumprings.

Keep going until you are happy with the design, then attach to the lariat.


toothfairytrace said...

thanks honey! can't wait to make one! :)

domestic goddess said...

oo this looks fab, thanks rena