Monday, July 24, 2006

My little man... so damn handsome! This pic is from yesterday when we celebrated Simba's 5th birthday- and my goodness that time has whizzed past! This boy is my reason for being, the thing that makes me get out of bed everyday, and the thing that makes me smile and laugh all day every day. I am so grateful that I have him in my life- and I never forget how truly blessed I am to share my life with him! *gush gush* lol

Happy birthday little man!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Simba



Anonymous said...

Happy burfday Simba babe!

I do hope Momma got you heaps of pressies....My Momma always gets me pressies...its 'cos I are a good girl..

Harry and Net -x-

Paula said...

Yes, he is a cutie! Great pic of him!

domestic goddess said...

happy birthday simba, have a spoilt rotten day
hugs xx

Mel said...

Happy birthday Simba! Mel x

jake said...

vumcjbywAw... gorgeous boy! How cute is that pose?

jk xx

Jus said...

Awww Simba how cute are you, Happy Belated Birthday from Jus & Suki xxx

Rena I feel the same way about Suki :)